407 former soldiers from Shanxi will help the Winter Olympics

2022-07-17 0 By

Report from Our newspaper (reporter Hao Xiaowei) On February 16, according to the provincial Department of Veterans affairs, 407 retired soldiers from Shanxi Province participated in various social services for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, undertaking logistics services, volunteer services and other work, and responsible for the joint guarantee of the whole region, the whole link and the whole venue.It is understood that 407 retired soldiers in Shanxi Province, are around the age of 30, just retired one or two years of male youth.After the early stage of the recruiting, learning, training, examination, in January, they each event in winter Olympic Games venues, namely, shougang facility operation center, yanqing facility operation center, zhangjiakou facility operation center, the various venues, responsibility for security in the games events, including material handling and distribution, the athletes’ belongings handling and all kinds of volunteer work.During the Spring Festival, they gave up reunions with their families and helped the Winter Olympics with rigorous and meticulous attitude and warm and thoughtful service.(Edited by wen Wen, Li Lin)