Viech all department of hot selling in a limited time discount up to 10,000 yuan

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An ID card loan away, financial car purchase enjoy: 60% down payment 2 years 0 interest rate, 40% down payment 1 year 0 interest rate, 20% down payment 2-5 years low interest rate;Additional loan, without this loan, extended warranty loan, worry-free loan, feng enjoy loan, three guarantees worry-free loan, rural loan.To the shop to buy a car also free maintenance package;Weichi automatic transmission with 8 speed, more advanced technology and more fuel-efficient!Large space, the whole system standard VSC body stability system, engine start and stop technology, super long maintenance cycle up to 10,000 km maintenance, let you use the car without worry!We take out the greatest sincerity, welcome your arrival!Special line: 400-872-6944 to understand the new market!Promise low city prices!The event will run from April 9, 2022 to April 11, 2022