Weak growth, how to break the outdoor parent-child paradise?

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In recent years, more and more outdoor parent-child parks, the volume is increasingly serious, and in addition to external competition, internal operation bottleneck is also a headache for many outdoor parent-child parks.According to market research and analysis, the park is seriously homogenized, the amusement equipment is highly similar, and the poor management is the main reason for the lack of growth of outdoor parent-child park. Then, in the face of the operation crisis of lack of growth, how to break the outdoor parent-child park?At present, children’s education has been attached great importance. Parent-child amusement park cannot be simply limited to play. A compound amusement park that can let children play happily and learn knowledge is the first choice for children and parents.Children are very curious and have a natural desire to explore the unknown natural science. Therefore, when designing amusement projects, we should start from the details to arouse children’s curiosity. We should adhere to creating the most interesting project in educational products and the most educational project in amusement products.2. Implant IP characters to enhance interaction. Implant IP images with emotional colors into the cold amusement equipment, endowing the amusement equipment with anthropomorphic emotions, so that parents and children can feel warmth.The “囧小 bee” created by Jingfeng Wenbrigade is an IP image based on the prototype of bees.Bees have strong and brave, unity and diligence, dedication and other qualities. The original intention of the design is to hope that every child who comes to the park can exercise their personal qualities while playing, to achieve the improvement of IQ, EQ, physical fitness and other aspects, and to help children stay away from the poison of electronic products and walk into nature.At the same time, the parent-child interaction program derived from IP can cultivate the intimacy between parents and children, so that parents can accompany their children to grow up.The successful opening of the Huang Si 囧小 bee Field Park in northwest Xuzhou is a testament to the success of the “囧小 bee” IP.Through on-the-spot investigation, JingFeng text brigade tailored for its nearly 400 m squared with small bee tribe, is composed of 15 honeycomb, the children free shuttle in the hive, each honeycomb is an independent space, bring the child novel experience at the same time, also can stimulate children’s interest in honeycomb structure, encourage the children to discover the mystery of the natural biological.Although the business format for children is mainly aimed at children, it is parents who really pay the bill. Therefore, the key to solve the problem of weak growth is to convey the concept of combining education with fun and high-quality companionship to parents in the construction of the park.