A Japanese woman went to Switzerland to die in just four minutes, waking up and dying

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Life is easy, life is easy, life is not easy, people live in the world, no one can predict the accident or tomorrow which comes first.Adversity may be the natural survival response to a sudden disaster, but not everyone can survive a terminal illness.Some face the difficulties head-on and struggle with the disease;Others, like this girl with a sweet voice, can’t bear it and choose to end their lives.The Japanese girl originally had a bright future, but in the beautiful moment of life encountered accident, she chose to fly to Switzerland, decided to “die free”, from the beginning to the end, she only used four minutes to end his life.Did the Japanese girl regret her decision before she died?How did she overcome her fear of death and leave with a smile?01 Study, career double harvest of sunshine girl if not life without love, surely everyone would not like to end their own life, although life cruel, but also full of a lot of love to live beautiful.The girl named islet Minako, looking back on her life, seems to be a little sad, sorry.Kojima Minako was born in an ordinary family in Japan. When she was very young, her parents chose to divorce due to emotional discord, and she lived with her mother and sister.Although there is no father’s company, but in the sister and mother’s care, island Beauty naiko and no single family children’s inferiority complex, sensitive and other bad emotions.In her mother’s love, she developed an optimistic attitude at an early age, very love life island Beauty Naoko perfect inheritance of good genes, her appearance level is higher, with the growth of age has become a slim girl.Adult island Beauty nai Son want to enter the entertainment industry, with the support of her sisters, she went to South Korea development, in South Korea when the day of practice pain and suffering, especially during the festival, island Beauty Nai son will “every festival times.”Think of their dream, island Beauty naiko insist, in addition to daily practice, she also taught herself Korean, become one of the few appearance level and talent coexist Japanese female trainees.The island of the beauty of the son returned home, and did not choose to the entertainment industry development, she served as a trainee in South Korea, witnessed a lot of entertainment shady, relative to the entertainment industry “red”, she would like to low-key life.With the experience of going abroad she successfully applied to a business as a translator, with good looks, solid translation skills, island Beauty Nai Son soon in the company mixed with wind and water, became a successful small white-collar, attracted a lot of attention of the opposite sex colleagues.This in many people’s eyes: island Beauty son although not rich second generation, star second generation, but life has been calculated on the life winner.02 suddenly suffering from disease optimism in the face of her side has never been no lack of suitors, but the island Beauty Naiko eyes higher, she is very clear that some men’s pursuit is just out of the appreciation of her appearance level, she can not superficial men, so single to 45 years old.Her older sister, looking at her older sister, would say anxiously: “You still have to find someone to marry, or you will be helpless when you grow old.”.Island Beauty naoko often hear the news of marriage will laugh off, she is very confident in her own life, she believes that true love may be late, but not absent.”Don’t worry,” she said to her sister. “Life is too long to make ends meet. You’re not going to die right away.Little did Minako Kojima know: her life took a huge turn after she said those words.Successful in her career, she made a plan at the age of 40: to take her sister on a round-the-world tour and do charity projects for children in orphanages.However, god has opened a big joke for her at the age when she loves life most. When she is having a meal, she feels unwell. After a long time, she goes to the hospital for examination.Minako kojima wondered why and asked “what is multisystem atrophy”.The doctor said: “The disease is incurable at present and the body will gradually shrink.”Island beauty nai son although listen to as thunderclap, but naturally optimistic she did not get up after a fall, she thinks that in the modern society of medical progress, disease will have a way to treat.Looking at her sisters’ worries, she smiled and said, “Can a living person die of disease?”03 to leave with a smile of a Japanese girl island mina actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, she take medicine on time, chemotherapy, or even take her travel plans on the table, in addition, she also insisted to the orphanage to send material donations for the children, children look at the sun, island, mina son filled with joy: “can overcome disease, the children will be healthy growth”.However, the disease is so ruthless, even if the strong play spirit to face disease, also can’t ease its deterioration, doctors give drug treatment does not relieve the suffering of the island, mina son, in the three years of fighting the disease, her optimism has disappeared, there is light from an eye girl became the heart returned to the patient.Island Beautiful naoko body weak to get out of bed, looking at the ceiling, she does not know where the meaning of their lives, the body is getting worse and worse, by the disease can not sleep, island Beautiful Naoko in this hopeless struggle gradually lost the confidence to survive.She has attempted suicide many times, looking at sobbing sister and gray mother, Small island Minako heart cut, when she looked back on her life, she felt her life without regret: loved by relatives, friends care, although not married husband, but life is complete.After careful consideration, small island Minako determined his idea of ending his life, she and her mother, sister all night long talk, persuaded their relatives, decided to fly to Switzerland for euthanasia.On the day of departure, the island Beautiful Nai Son put on beautiful makeup, accompanied by her sister to Switzerland, after finishing a series of processes, she and her sister smiled and hugged, said goodbye, before dying, she smiled and said to loved ones: “Thank you.”04 summary although the family already choked with tears, but thought of the island Mei Naoko if you can end your life through euthanasia, is not a good choice.Euthanasia from being carried out to the end, only 4 minutes, the four minutes will end the island mei Nai son’s life.Some people said: Small island Minako is too fragile, perhaps fighting with the disease is painful, but as long as insist, can also live.Some people also said: the island of the United States nai Son to live more thoroughly, and its pain alive, as natural and unrestrained leave.No matter which way of saying, have to sigh: life is perishable, and line and cherish.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!