High speed car on the way to set off fireworks also hit the rear car windshield

2022-07-18 0 By

The dramatic moment was captured by a dashcam at 11:52 PM on the Lantern Festival.Passengers on a highway in Tainan, Taiwan province, are still in shock after a car in front of them threw a firecracker into the windshield in just 40 seconds, possibly setting off fireworks.The video shows the driver and passenger of a car driving on a motorway being shocked when a firecracker was thrown from the car in front of them, hitting the windshield of the car behind them.The driver of the rear car later found a small crack on the windshield and has reported to the front car.Police will inform owners of the whereabouts of the car by checking the monitors along the road and will hold the car in front responsible.(Editing by Tao Yiyi)