How to prevent car static

2022-07-18 0 By

How to prevent car static?First of all, simple in front of the door, you can first take the metal body part of the key to touch the door, a simple action can not be easy to get electric shock when driving;When getting out of the car, touch the metal part of the door with your hand before opening it.Secondly, try to retain the “moisture” in the car, in fact, we usually only need to put a wet towel on the instrument table, or regularly spray water in the car with a sprayer, can achieve increased humidity in the car, reduce the effect of static electricity in the car;At the same time, usually when using the car, less open internal circulation air conditioning, can also retain water in the car.Third, chemical fiber fabrics are easy to cause static electricity.For example, when we car cushion, mat and other supplies, in the autumn and winter season can not be used, switch to leather or cotton products.Use tools to eliminate static electricity: we can also use related tools to remove electricity, such as car wax and electrostatic discharger.Some car wax has certain antistatic ability, still have the tail of partial vehicle has a kind of antenna shape object (air discharger), or the strip object that is fixed in the tail hanging on the ground and surface contact (chain discharger), it is the electrostatic discharger that is designed specifically for static electricity, can prevent the majority of static electricity on the car.