Spring raise boxwood, use a few clever tricks, more beautiful posture

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Boxwood, don’t look at the tree is not very tall, but its leaves verdant crystal clear, the branches are elegant and spiral, very verve and beauty, it can be said that it is particularly suitable for being made into bonsai, and boxwood is also very auspicious in the home, as the saying goes, “home boxwood, generations of pillars” it!Now it is spring, we now have boxwood, certainly want to make our boxwood bonsai more beautiful, now there are a few management tips for you.A, little bonsai should pay attention to in the soil of spring we know, if little pot, pot soil inside is less, the absorption of huang Yang after a year or more, the inside of the flower pot nutrient almost exhausted, with water or fertilizer, the inside of the pot pot soil also can be a bit harden basification, such for huang Yang to maintain good state is very bad, so,In early spring, we can change soil for boxwood bonsai.Through water control, after the boxwood from the flower POTS inside out, can eliminate two-thirds SuTu, then trim the roots of the jumbled, slightly after disinfection can basin, cultivating soil had better to loose breathable, let’s match rotten leaves can use garden soil, and river sand with soil, plant root processing time if you can, little bonsai can be more beautiful, because root treatment,Can it appear that the root system has a stronger grip!Two, early spring boxwood to appropriate clip to huang Yang has a beautiful posture, let’s pay attention to the given by huang trim, right to the human intellect pruning, let’s get messy, seriously affect the modelling of the branches cut off, and then to keep branches to PAM and tugs, formative time to deliberate, technique to soft, and as far as possible to a molding, avoid distortion reciprocating PAM,Lest harm branch, form lose branch phenomenon.After pruning, the boxwood looks like a girl dressed up. The beautiful bonsai is closely related to pruning and Pal.If you are a novice, you can first conceive the shape, make drawings, and then wrap the shape, so as not to fail.Boxwood three, early spring to proper fertilization, watering right amount by huang attitude to the United States, if you want to grow healthy and strong, but also pay attention to feed it germinate in the spring before, at the time of fertilization, multi-purpose rotten organic fertilizer as far as possible, so that can improve soil, improve quality, fertilizer, to control the amount of phosphorus potassium, so as not to promote the growth of buds, huang Yang flower is not beautiful,Will only increase nutrient consumption, people see boxwood bud, are to pay attention to remove.Fertilization in early spring should not be too early, nor should fertilization be too much or too thick. After fertilization, attention should also be paid to proper watering, so as to maintain the micro dry soil as far as possible, so as not to impregnate the root system with water and cause root rot. Watering can cast a little acid water effect will be better.Four, to sum up the early spring sunshine is warm, we should pay attention to give it more sunshine, enhance boxwood bonsai photosynthesis, boxwood in early spring do not go out too early, after all, the temperature is not stable, prone to frost, so we should be careful, leaves frostbite is not beautiful.In short, in early spring we use these methods, boxwood bonsai will become beautiful, the above is my personal opinion and view, the level of restrictions may be inappropriate, please friends criticism correction, thank you!