What TV characters are Princess De Man and Princess Dawn?

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Princess Deman and Princess Cheonmyung are characters in the TV drama Queen Of Sundeok.The drama is directed by Kim Geun-hong and Park Hong-gyun, written by Kim Young-hyun, and stars Park Ye-jin, Uhm Tae-woong, Goh Hyun-jung, and Lee Yo-won.The series is very long, with sixty-two episodes.The show focuses on the story of Princess De Man, and in the royal family, the birth of twins means there will be no male heir.De man and dawn are twins, really flat king to royal choice de man sent away, but really flat king concubine beauty room secretly killed de man.With the help of the maids, De Man survived to adulthood and later returned to the palace to compete for the throne.Under the minister’s assistance, Princess De Man defeated Miuro, successfully won the throne, become the queen.In this drama, the climax of the drama is caused by the struggle between Derman and Miuro, and the death of the Dawn princess pushes the drama to a higher point.