All police officers participate in guarding “outposts” of prevention and control

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From: Jinan Daily Police on duty at a checkpoint.On March 24, the reporter in miaoshan town highway intersection of the public security checkpoint to see police wearing isolation clothing, masks and protective masks on duty.According to Lu Xiaogang of the police on duty, according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the police mainly under the command of the epidemic prevention headquarters, cooperate with the epidemic prevention department to divert vehicles and carry out nucleic acid tests on people on board.Traffic police on duty will cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in the field of vehicle dredging, to prevent traffic jams and other conditions.Since March 9, the Laiwu Public Security Sub-Bureau has set up a COVID-19 emergency response leading group, which consists of 14 working groups, including a comprehensive coordination group, an internal personnel control group, a source tracing group, and a joint prevention and control group.At the same time, the joint prevention and control team and the isolation and transport team led by the sub-bureau also work together in Laiwu Public Security Sub-Bureau. Special personnel are responsible for the integrated and efficient operation. Each police station operates in an integrated way with each town (street) headquarters.”Hello, are you ** myself?I am a policeman from Laiwu Public Security Sub-bureau. Have you been to ** recently?How many days from where to return to Laiwu?What kind of transportation did you take?Have you been tested for nucleic acid?Where do you live now?…”On March 24, Zhou Xiulan, a police officer of laiwu Public Security Sub-bureau, was conducting a telephone follow-up visit.Recently, according to the needs of the epidemic prevention and control, public security departments all p full participation, overcome difficult, threshing, personnel from key areas of the superior push the follow-up, to verify the information of each staff, every time to check, all is in order to be able to work for disease prevention and control to provide accurate, fast and efficient information support.Since March 9, nearly 200 police officers, auxiliary police, and community volunteers in towns and streets have become “telephone operators”, communicating and confirming information one by one every day, eliminating risks and hidden dangers, and using telephone lines to link safely.The epidemic prevention and control work is “non-stop”, and telephone follow-up visits are “non-stop”.Laiwu Public Security bureau gave full play to the advantages of big data, integrated resources from multiple departments, carried out continuous big data analysis and comprehensive screening of data, and resolutely did not miss a single clue or a single person.(Reporter Qi Nannan correspondent Cao Jianqiang)