Chinese and Cambodian police have jointly investigated the “blood slaves” incident

2022-07-19 0 By

Khmer Daily – Chinese citizens in Cambodia were online gambling group captive as “blood slaves” incident recently caused public concern, the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia on the 17th statement on this incident, said that the Chinese and Cambodian police are cooperating to carry out investigation work.Spokesman confirmed that the Chinese embassy in Cambodia in February 12, Cambodia in Cambodia, reflect to the embassy, the first hospital, the hospital admitted only 1 man in China, city from credulous of false ads online, was smuggling gang stress to Cambodia, in Cambodia norodom sihanouk electrical fraud gang port of China in the city network gambling illegal detention, and high-dose blood for many times, in critical condition.After learning this, the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia attached great importance to it and asked the hospital to spare no efforts to treat the patients.On February 15, after the victim’s physical condition improved, the police liaison officer of the Embassy and the staff of the China-Cambodia Law Enforcement Cooperation Office visited the victim in the First Hospital of China and Cambodia and investigated the situation.The spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia said that in order to file an investigation as soon as possible, the Embassy has reported relevant clues to the Cambodian Police Headquarters, sihanoukville and Koh Kung provinces respectively, urging the Cambodian police to attach great importance to the case and file a case.With the support of the Chinese Embassy, the Police of Sihanoukville province in Cambodia has officially registered the case. The police of China and Cambodia are working together to solve the case as soon as possible.The Embassy in Cambodia once again reminds Chinese citizens who want to work in Cambodia to follow formal channels and not to believe false advertisements of high-paying jobs.If you are swindled, kidnapped or have your personal freedom restricted, you must report to the Cambodian police as soon as possible and inform the Embassy of the situation so that the police can file a case for investigation in time.It is reported that a Chinese man in Cambodia was raised by a network of fraud gangs to “draw blood and sell it for money” news spread on the Internet on December 12.The man was allegedly introduced to Work in Guangxi in June last year, but was abducted and sent to Cambodia.He refused to take part in the online fraud and had his blood drawn seven times in six months.The “blood slave” incident has drawn great attention from the society, and more black and evil stories of fraud, kidnapping and death by local Cambodian criminal groups have been exposed.(Editing by Han Naiguo)