50 mental Health tips to follow throughout the year!

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A thousand miles is a short step.Not small streams, beyond into rivers and seas.Keeping in good health is the same, can not leave the daily bit by bit accumulation!At the beginning of the year 2022, we have compiled 50 pieces of health knowledge covering all aspects of life for your reference for healthy living!1. The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents suggest an average intake of 12 or more foods per day and 25 or more foods per week.2, should eat enough 1 jin of vegetables and half a jin of fruit every day.In addition to the quantity, but also to eat magnificently.3. To ensure adequate nutrition, you should drink at least 300 grams of milk and eat a handful of nuts every day.4, do not eat too fast, each mouth chewing about 20 times, recommended to eat half an hour for dinner.5. Reducing salt intake is the cheapest and easiest way to lower blood pressure. Don’t eat more than 6 grams of salt per person per day.6, high oil, high fat, high cholesterol, is a risk factor of hyperlipidemia.Don’t use more than 30 grams of oil per person per day.7. Excessive sugar intake has been linked to poor diet, obesity and the risk of chronic diseases.The best added sugar intake per person should be under 25 grams per day.8, white rice flour with coarse grains.When making porridge and white rice, you can add some buckwheat, oats, barley, millet, black rice and so on;You can also use corn, potatoes and other staple foods instead.Overeating, very hurt the heart!Old saying: eat seven or eight full easy longevity and health.10, do not eat hot food, just out of the pot cool cool to eat, out of the hot pot dish on the plate for a while;Hot tea and soup should be cold before you drink them.1. The Exercise Intervention Guidelines for 26 Human Diseases, jointly published by experts from the School of Sports Science of Shanghai University of Sport and the Department of Physical Education of Huainan Normal University, pointed out that through the exercise intervention of the researchers in 26 diseases, exercise can play a positive role in the prevention and rehabilitation of diseases.2, walking exercise should not blindly fight the number of steps, should step by step, according to one’s ability, especially for people with obesity or joint diseases, should be wary of excessive weight-bearing walking aggravating the wear of articular cartilage.3, to warm up before exercise, you can jog, stretch the upper limbs, waist flexion and extension, turn the waist, squat up and other actions, so that the muscle blood circulation accelerated, quickly into the state of exercise.4, middle-aged and elderly patients with hypertension and cardiovascular disease should not exercise too early, and then go after the sun comes out.5, if you always feel that you don’t have time to exercise, you can get off in advance when you go home from work, leave yourself a walking stop, and relax your body and mind.6, the real fat loss exercise is moderate intensity exercise, and to adhere to the effective.Specific performance is the respiration rate in motion quickens, heartbeat quickens, persprer slightly, small wheeze but can communicate with the person, with heart rate does not exceed “170-age” advisable.7, within 1 hour after strenuous exercise, it is generally not recommended to overeat (appropriate amount of water, eat biscuits and other easy to digest food), take a bath, sleep, etc.8, after meals should not immediately exercise, it is best to rest half an hour to 1 hour after softer activities or take a walk after a full meal.”Don’t move at ordinary times, hard at weekends” is the wrong way to exercise, exercise should become a habit.If the muscle does not suddenly bear excessive exercise load for a long time, it is easy to cause muscle strain.10. Exercise away from the road, preferably in parks, stadiums and other quiet and clean places.A key
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