Liu Zhonghua investigated the construction of the open area

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Wencheng News (reporter Lin Jiatao zheng Guotong Li Youhan) On the morning of March 29, Liu Zhonghua, the secretary of the county Party Committee, emphasized that we should fully implement the new development concept, constantly strengthen the project support, continue to speed up the project construction, and promote Wencheng to catch up and stride with high-level park construction.Deputy county magistrate MAO Weixin accompanied.Liu zhonghua and his delegation visited wahaha, Magic Drink COCO Honey, Qianghong New land and other projects, inspected the construction of the project, and had in-depth talks with the project leader to understand the construction progress and existing problems in detail.Symposium, held in the subsequent andyliu, points out that our county by the open area development momentum, potential big, each department should seize opportunities, and strengthen the work, work closely cooperate, continued to the improvement of environment optimization, strong enterprise recruit large lead, project to speed up the construction of overweight on strength, go all out to promote quality, and the upgrade of industrial park construction, speed up to achieve a higher level development.Liu stressed that the park should give priority to planning, adhere to the planning of the park, speed up the planning of industry, construction, operation and other plans, clearly define the development goals and key tasks, and continue to attract enterprises to invest and start businesses with a superior business environment and broad development prospects.It is necessary to improve the supporting functions, set higher standards and better formats, improve the road infrastructure and the corresponding supporting functions as soon as possible, and accelerate the promotion of the park’s image and outstanding level.To gather strength to attract strong, focus on attracting investment and industrial development, aiming at key industries, key regions, active docking forward service, increase the project to attract strength, actively introduce a number of large projects, good projects, for my county across the development of solid industrial project support.We need to speed up the construction of projects, increase the intensity of key projects, focus on the timing, optimize the construction plan, and encourage the construction of projects that meet the conditions for construction to start as soon as possible while ensuring safety and quality.We should strengthen the guarantee of factors of production, make overall plans for land use for industrial projects, actively coordinate with each other, strive for land quotas, and ensure land use for key projects.At the same time, we should adhere to the principle of “per mu is the hero”, promote more intensive and efficient land resources, and strive to improve the economic density and input-output efficiency of the park.We should continue to optimize services, always put enterprises first, constantly improve the business environment, improve service efficiency, give full support to enterprises, and promptly resolve difficulties and problems encountered in the process of project implementation in a coordinated manner to provide strong guarantee for project construction and enterprise development.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: