When Zhao Kuangyin was explaining his military power over a cup of wine, he accidentally left out a man. As a result, he took over the state of the Song Dynasty

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In ancient feudal society, the consolidation of autocratic imperial power needs a series of sound institutions such as politics, military, ideology and culture, among which the military system is particularly important, because the military can guarantee the stability of the autocratic imperial power.Therefore, ancient emperors attach great importance to the control of military power, and their control of military power is also constantly strengthened.In order to control the military power in their own hands, the ancient emperor also tried all kinds of ways to seize from the minister, but sometimes a little careless is likely to cause a mutiny, and then lead to tragic results.For example, the emperors Li Conghou, Liu Chengyou and Li Congke in the Five Dynasties tried to seize power and military power from vassals in order to secure the throne, but the result was not only that they did not succeed in seizing power, but also caused the rebellion, which ultimately led to the country’s turmoil and demise.However, zhao kuangyin is praised in history for his interpretation of military power over a glass of wine because he held it firmly in his hands without using force.However, when Zhao Kuangyin explained his military power over a cup of wine, there was only one person left out. As a result, it was this person who took over the land of the Song Dynasty.Zhao Kuangyin, the emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty, ascended to the throne in 960. After he became the head of a state, he rewarded all his followers and advisors accordingly.Zhao Kuangyin himself was a generous man, but soon after he became emperor, he began to worry that the ministers who had followed him and were regarded as his heroes would become so spoiled that they would forget their duties and threaten his throne.Zhao Kuangyin had this idea, and it was easy to understand. After all, he himself became the emperor because of the mutiny, not due to inheritance.But song taizu knew if the tough attitude, who had followed him, support him directly to mutiny of generals to wrest the relieving, mistaken, because the move light can make the secretary, and they no longer work, heavy discontent leads to their minister, and in the hands of the threat of relieving oneself, therefore, song taizu decided to use a mild methods to remove the relieving.After thinking about it, one day Zhao Kuangyin invited the people who had made him the emperor with military power to the palace and invited them to drink. Zhao Kuangyin, who had become the emperor at that time, was very warm to his officials. After a few glasses of wine, Zhao kuangyin opened his heart to them.In addition to thanking the generals for their support, Zhao Kuangyin also openly expressed the fact that although he had become the emperor, his heart was still unstable, and clarified that his heart was unstable mainly because the military power was not in his own hands, which made him insecure.After Zhao Kuangyin complained, all the court officials said they would be loyal to him, but zhao Kuangyin wanted not only an attitude, but real power.Therefore, Zhao Kuangyin further expressed that he was not worried that they would mutiny, but that they would be induced by other malicious people to be disloyal to him, thus affecting his rule and the peace and stability of the country.When I heard the generals who held military power, I knew that Zhao Kuangyin no longer trusted me. They should give up their military power wisely, otherwise they would have a hard time in the future.Zhao kuangyin also promised to give them the status of wealth enough to live a rich life.Therefore, the next day after Zhao Kuangyin invited the generals who held military power to drink, they expressed their willingness to give up military power for various reasons.This is the story of Zhao Kuangyin explaining his military power with a cup of wine.After Zhao Kuangyin harvested all the military power, he ordered the disbanding of the Imperial army. Zhao Kuangyin, who had all the military power in his hands, felt more at ease than before.Neither he nor most outsiders saw him as a threat to his throne, but the reality was not what he thought.Zhao Guangyi song taizu still has a brother, his brother did not stand out compared to a lot of people like a humble person, but as he has the selfishness, but does not appear in front of him, because this song taizu think brother no threat to them, after when invited a few other generals to cocktail party, are not invited Zhao Guangyi forward.In addition, Zhao Kuangyin trusted his younger brother Zhao Guangyi because Zhao Guangyi supported him and assisted him in the mutiny and supported him to become emperor successfully.After Zhao Kuangyin succeeded in taking the throne, he also appointed his younger brother Zhao Guangyi as the Marquis of Yu in front of the palace and the defense envoy of Muzhou.Later, Zhao Kuangyin made his younger brother king of Jin, ranking above prime minister.However, ambitious Zhao Guangyi was not satisfied with his elder brother’s kindness to him, so he secretly recruited excellent talents, among whom there were more than 60 senior officials in his family. In the imperial court, Zhao Guangyi also made important officials privately.In addition, zhao Guangyi, who was at a high position in the court at that time, was also courted by many important ministers.Therefore, without Zhao Kuangyin’s knowledge, Zhao Guangyi had considerable power in the court.Finally, it was his brother who took the throne, but Zhao Kuangyin was not very wary of him, and finally Zhao Kuangyin took the throne, there is no clear record in history.Only two brothers, Zhao Kuangyin and Zhao Guangyi, were recorded drinking together the night before Zhao kuangyin’s death. It was snowing heavily that day, and the petty officials on duty were also ordered to wait outside the door. Zhao Kuangyin and Zhao Guangyi were eating hot pot and chatting with each other in the room, their shadows illuminated by candles on the wall.However, the next day Zhao Kuangyin died for no apparent reason. One of the eunuchs found Zhao Guangyi and knelt down in front of zhao guangyi, saying that he would obey Zhao guangyi’s advice.After Zhao Kuangyin died, many people thought it was very strange, because Zhao Kuangyin had no serious disease before, so it was hard to believe that his life ended overnight.However, no one in the imperial court questioned whether Zhao kuangyin died of natural causes, and the cause of his death was not announced.After The death of Zhao Kuangyin, his younger brother Zhao Guangyi proclaimed his accession to the throne. After Zhao Guangyi successfully ascended the throne, no one showed any intention of resisting.Because of this, some people speculate that Zhao Kuangyin did not die of natural causes, but was more likely killed by his younger brother Zhao Guangyi. However, no one in the imperial court questioned Zhao Guangyi at that time, probably because Zhao Guangyi had secretly brought them to his side.Of course, this is only speculation, there are also rumors that Zhao Kuangyin had previously expressed his intention to pass the throne to his younger brother Zhao Guangyi, rather than his son.However, no matter why Zhao Guangyi succeeded Zhao Kuangyin, after Zhao Guangyi became the successor emperor, the Song dynasty did bring better development.During his tenure, Zhao Guangyi personally led the army to the north to unify the Central Plains, ending China’s turbulent interface for nearly 100 years and providing a relatively stable living environment for the people of the Song Dynasty.In addition, during zhao Guangyi’s reign, he also built the Great Wall of Water to guard against the Liao army. The Great Wall of water he built not only made contributions to the national defense at that time, but also contributed to the Song Dynasty for a longer time. It can be said that the prosperity of the Northern Song Dynasty was preserved for more than 100 years.Summary: in conclusion, the song taizu drinks the relieving, not to miss a person is Zhao Guangyi, because after is his younger brother Zhao Guangyi shady inherited his throne, and he had been worried that the hand of the relieving general, did not pose a threat to him, so that song taizu was the missed when a glass of wine the relieving people killed in the song dynasty.Although it was an oversight that Zhao Kuangyin omitted Zhao Guangyi in his explanation of military power over a cup of wine, it must be acknowledged that zhao Kuangyin’s explanation of military power over a cup of wine was very clever, because he prevented the occurrence of internal unrest without using force and handled the relationship with his officials well.Later generations have two opinions on Zhao Kuangyin’s “drinking wine to explain military power”. Some people think that Zhao Kuangyin’s behavior reflected that he was a suspicious and jealous sage emperor, while others think that Zhao Kuangyin was forward-looking and had the vision of a politician.Although the emperor Zhao Guangyi ascended to the throne because of his improper name, he had a bad reputation, but zhao Guangyi was able to implement these practical things for the country and the people during his reign, which made Zhao Guangyi’s image more positive.