Bincheng District Food and Drug Administration to enterprises to guide the resumption of work and production work

2022-07-21 0 By

On April 7, Gao Jian, deputy director of Bincheng District Food and Drug Administration, Zhang Yang, chief of food safety Supervision and Administration Section, Liu Aimin, director of Liangcai Food and Drug Supervision and Administration Institute, and his delegation went to Shandong Yizhen Ranch Food Co., Ltd. to guide the resumption of work and production.Marina city food and drug administration actively care about enterprise to return to work at the grass-roots level and production requirements, detailed understanding of the epidemic prevention and control, to return to work and production, the production and business operation, capacity, staff management, and so on and so forth, guide enterprises to carry out the epidemic prevention and control measures as well, especially pointed out that the demolition contractor of direct contact with the imported cold chain, stevedore to strictly implement the “three concentrations isolation” closed-loop management.At the same time, attention should be paid to food safety, strict management of imported cold chain raw materials, strict implementation of shandong cold chain system requirements, adhere to the raw material certification and ticket, to ensure closed-loop management of products from source to consumer.”Bincheng District Food and Drug Administration has given full play to the government’s service function, will serve enterprises to achieve the actual place, we are very grateful!”Shandong overflow fresh pasture food Co., Ltd. related person in charge told reporters.Reporter Yao Xingbin correspondent Liu Chenglin reports