Fund buys tide from oneself again now!Ceibs Fund and Hua ‘an Fund bought 50 million yuan from themselves, and Glen, the fund manager of 100 billion yuan, bought 2 million yuan from himself

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China Daily ( Yu Sha Hu Jinhua Shanghai report since the beginning of the year, the a-share market sentiment continues to be depressed, the new fund cold.A number of fund companies played a “shot in the arm”, to join the ranks of the purchase action.On January 26, China and the eu funds in succession, the hua an fund announced that says to the purchasing company’s fund products, China and the eu fund and fund manager glen, a total of $52 million since the buy and hold for 3 years, two products, hua an fund will use self-owned capital purchase company’s slant type of public funds, the total investment of no less than 50 million yuan.”China Times” reporters according to Wind data and fund company announcement statistics, as of January 26, since this year, fund companies have bought more than 550 million yuan (has been announced but has not yet implemented the purchase into the statistics), a total of more than 22 fund companies to buy.In the industry, fund companies to a certain extent to show confidence in investment, but also to the market to convey a bullish signal.However, CEIbs also suggests that self-purchase does not mean forecasting short-term trends. Individual investors need to make investment plans according to their own risk preferences and investment cycles. The fund has risks and investment should be cautious.The two companies announced on the same day each 50 million self-purchase in the quarterly report just disclosed, China Europe Fund fund manager Grenn to 110.339 billion yuan in the management scale beyond Zhang Kun, become the public offering market active equity fund managers in the management scale ranking first.On the other hand, in terms of performance, the quarterly report shows that the net growth rate of class A and CLASS C shares of the China-Europe Medical and Health Fund under its management is -16.14% and -16.29%, and the benchmark return rate of performance comparison in the same period is -2.84%.The net growth rate of class A share of China-Europe Medical Innovation Fund was -16.03%, and the benchmark return rate of performance comparison in the same period was -3.81%; the net growth rate of class C share was -16.19%, and the benchmark return rate of performance comparison in the same period was -3.81%.On the one hand, the scale of “100 billion top stream”, on the other hand, poor performance.As of January 26, the China-Europe Medical and Health Fund and china-Europe Medical Innovation Fund both fell by more than 10%. With the decline in net value, investors on various platforms complained more and more, and “Grenhealth” was also searched on Weibo.On January 26, CEIbs announced that the company would use its own capital to purchase cEIBS Medical and health Hybrid Securities Investment Fund (hereinafter referred to as “CEIBS Medical and Health Fund”) and CEIBS Medical Innovation Stock securities Investment Fund (hereinafter referred to as “CEIBS Medical Innovation Fund”) with a total of 50 million yuan;Fund manager Gulen will also buy 2 million yuan from the two funds.All have been held for more than three years.Regarding the self-purchase, CEIbs said that it was based on the confidence in the long-term healthy and stable development of China’s capital market and the company’s investment management ability, and in line with the principle of risk sharing and benefit sharing with the majority of investors, the company and the fund manager made the decision of self-purchase and long-term holding of relevant funds.Ceibs also said that the CEIBS Healthcare Fund and CEIBS Medical Innovation Fund, as industry theme funds, are mainly focused on investments in the healthcare sector.In retrospect, the medical sector experienced rapid rise in the past two years and repeated disturbances of the COVID-19 epidemic, the overall volatility is large.With the rapid adjustment in recent quarters, the long-term investment performance of high-quality medical stocks has been further improved.The research team of Grenn and CEIBS believe that the long-term growth foundation of the pharmaceutical and biological industry has not changed, and the policy orientation is generally positive and stable.In the overall transformation period of the industry and the post-epidemic era, enterprises pay more attention to the establishment of internal strength and hard power, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain is more perfect. Therefore, they are still optimistic about long-term investment opportunities in the industry.On the same day, Hua ‘an Fund also announced that based on the confidence in the long-term healthy and stable development of China’s capital market, the company from January 26 to February 25, will use the inherent capital subscription company’s partial share public offering fund, the total investment is not less than 50 million yuan.The subsequent company will continue to subscribe to the company’s partial public offering funds.Fund companies within the year since the purchase of nearly 600 million mark in fact, since the beginning of the A share market continued to adjust, many fund companies or fund managers have announced the purchase.On January 25, Bodao fund also issued a notice about the company’s own funds to purchase its funds, Bodao fund will bodao Jia Feng, Bodao growth wisdom aviation, Bodao Shengyan, Bodao consumer wisdom aviation and other funds total from the purchase of 10 million yuan.On January 22, Xinghua Fund announced that on January 21, 2022, the company used 10 million yuan of inherent capital to subscribe for the company’s “Xinghua Consumption Select 6-month holding period hybrid initiated securities investment fund Class A share”.Under the background of market shock, the new fund frequently encountered cold, many companies in the fund issue through self-purchase to firm investor confidence.Among them, the south MSCI China A50 Connectivity ETF link fund announced the establishment of on January 11, the South Fund used the inherent capital subscription reached 200 million yuan, accounting for 28.62%, becoming a strong self-purchase since the New Year.In addition, Xingquan Fund purchased 50 million yuan from itself when it issued Xingquan Heheng for three years.Star fund manager Lu Bin managed HSBC Jinxin Research Select fund issued, HSBC Jinxin announced that the company’s management team, proposed fund manager Lu Bin and the company’s research team have subscribed, a total of 13.2 million yuan.The huaxia times reporter according to Wind data and fund company announcement, as of January 26, plus the funds needed for the rules and regulations set up by type 10 million seed money, since this year since the purchase amount fund company has more than 550 million yuan, has been announced but not yet implemented since the purchase in statistics), a total of 22 many fund companies since the purchase.According to Wind data, since 2022, there have been 5 fund companies whose self-purchase amount has exceeded 20 million yuan (the self-purchase amount that has been announced but has not been implemented is not included in the statistics), namely, Fuguo Fund, EFunda Fund, Southern Fund, Xingquan Fund and Harvest Fund.Sources: Wind industry insiders said that in the market adjustment, new fund issuance is relatively quiet, fund managers or fund companies announced self-purchase, can boost investor confidence to a certain extent.”The fund company from purchase shows the confidence of the fund after the market, guide base people mood return to reason, reduce the investment behavior of chasing up to kill down, with action to encourage base people to hold for a long time, also showed the fund company, fund manager and base people is a community of interests.”Suzhou card he fund management Co., LTD. General manager ding Kaizhong told “China Times” reporters.However, CEIbs also warned: “Self-purchase does not mean forecasting short-term trends, individual investors need to make investment plans according to their own risk preferences and investment cycle, the fund has risks, investment should be cautious.”Chief editor: Xu Yunqian Chief editor: Gong Peijia