Ghost Thread: Tokyo: I shake my hand in Tokyo

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Ghostwire: Tokyo has finally been released from Bethesda on March 25, 2022, with the release of its latest feature, Ghostwire: Tokyo.The earliest E3 exhibition announced in June 2019, at that time relying on the eyeball of the trailer and three on the department of signs caused no small attention, they have been passers-by mysteriously missing mystery captured the eyes, and look forward to three will bring what kind of horror game.But the new real phone trailer for 2020 is very different from what players thought, changing the feel of the game from a modern thriller story to a Tokyo Lin Zhengying, and now the finished product is a little different from what players thought at the time.Not bad, can play, but also stopped at this expectation to expect reality to reality, life is still to pass, the real computer trailer cool ghost attracted a large number of non-horror game fans, including me.The game was originally intended to be a PS5 exclusive for a limited time, but in September 2020 Microsoft made another, and not the most shocking, acquisition, targeting publisher B.Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer later announced that he would honor the promise of ghost Thread: Tokyo and Deathloop, both of which had been announced as limited-time exclusivity games, before the B games went full platform.Last month, the game was released on both Steam and PS5.In the first week of its official release (3/21-3/27), it ranked fourth in the sales list on Steam platform, while PS5 also ranked sixth in the sales list of physical version with just over 10,000 copies according to the data of Fami Tong. Generally speaking, its popularity is not high or low.Today, nearly two weeks after the release of the game, the PC version of the game basically stays at a surprisingly stable rating: 78 points per MC, 7.8 points per user, and 78% of steam special reviews.In other words, while not as amazing as initially thought, most players and the press felt the game was still playable.So, how is this game? What are the advantages and problems?This article will start from all kinds of relevant information of this work, the author’s play experience and some superficial personal point of view, under the banner of B society, whether or not the name of the sanshangzhenji brand new work for a brief analysis.Shinji Mitsumi, the god of horror games and creator of the Resident Evil and Possessed series.But mitsuko has also worked in other genres, in places that many people don’t see, such as the action game Hand of God and the fast-paced shooter Vanquish.Whether or not this is a titular book, this is probably a foreshadowing of the book.Rewind to the first PV of June 2019.In the movie’s delicate preview, the aura of the unknown is everywhere: modern Tokyo is vulnerable to the strange, leaving only lonely dogs, clothes everywhere, strange monsters and mysterious men with bows and arrows in the thick fog.Although there are some who say it’s not scary to play You-Know-Who and fight off weird sounds, most players are convinced that the game is a horror game because of the main resume in The third, and there are even more arguments that You-Know-Who is an NPC character and the player plays as a vanished civilian — so to speak,Most gamers at the time still thought the game would be a new survival horror game set in modern Tokyo.And when the new PV of 2020 came out, the “Dawei Tianlong” simulator can be said to surprise almost everyone’s jaw.From a weird new style of ghost killing game to a cool ghost killing game, this makes the audience of this game very complicated.But when the game actually came out, the answer was unexpected: PV WHAT YOU see is what you get, and the game was a pure gun game with cool gestures.As a matter of fact, this has already been mentioned.[Laughs] Pete Hines gave a preview of what the game was going to look like in March 2020 when he talked about what was going to be announced at E3 that year.The game even has Shinichirō Hara, who worked on 2016’s New DOOM, working on the action shooter system.What sets this game apart from the average FPS is not only the mechanics of power and elements as a fantasy genre, but also the motion design and art design.Said action design exaggerated, after all, this combat system actually not complex, the main spell, bows and spells are standard first person shooter, really let you have action in addition to the execution is basically a melee push and his arms chest defense, but it is no exaggeration to say that it is these scenarios let this be the rate of a higher level.In the game, players need to seal everywhere: to transfix evil spirits, to execute enemies, to purify Torii, to absorb souls…Wait, and these gestures are pretty cool, I have to say.According to the production team, the player’s fingerprints are mainly derived from the so-called Kuji Kiri method, which is a good example of a modern work that has been re-created after being incorporated into Japanese culture.The art is one of the greatest strengths of the book.It may be a pity to see Yumi Nakamura leave, but the book still delivers a quality answer: the picture is detailed, coupled with a Tokyo-based redirection map, coupled with rain filters and ghostly magic changes, the deserted streets make you feel cold but powerful;Modern ghost design appears in modern Tokyo is not out of place, but as the only pedestrian on the street is even more weird;Cool particle effects might make some players feel greasy, but it is good to the author the layman that bite, especially in addition to the magic use is such a great ostentation and extravagance – though didn’t do terrain destruction is a blemish, an energy wave glass hole not dozen post not in evidence, know that is the force of the element, do not know the thought of schizophrenia is self imagination;But what is more noteworthy is the extensive use of Chinese characters — like the word “rain” in the sky, and ghosts that are blown away will be transformed into the word “curse” and scattered in black smoke…Collocation Oriental culture circle falls demon except demon setting, have a kind of ancient clumsy meaning very much.The most remarkable thing is the dramatic change of scene.In some of the main side quests, there are sudden changes to the layout of the rooms in order to render the atmosphere scary. These changes are few but effective, not jumpScare, but more of a spice to add excitement.There is another advantage of the spiderman gun canned meat, which is the map design.As mentioned above, this map is based in Tokyo, as an open world games, although this role the fog – torii system such as limiting the exploration process, but most of the time just like a real machine forecast solid – basically still adhere to the principle of the wysiwyg, although some places are designed in push door into the copy,But at least players can go.The main way to get to these places is to fly. The player can grab the dog and fly high, and then control the landing point by long pressing the space bar to glide through the air.The map design also makes clever use of the difference between height and height, coupled with the fact that the player can open his eyes to see important features such as enemies, mission footprints, objects and other interactive objects, which makes it impossible to walk from the ground, so it is not unusual for the player to glide through the air and walk on the wall to find his way.With the scenery of Tokyo, it’s no exaggeration to say it’s a walking simulator.Of course, with the exception of the upstairs section, the game’s mobility is pretty poor for the most part, so it’s a shame that you can’t do it all the way.But if you don’t want to explore the mysteries of the map, the game also offers the ability to summon tengou as a way to skip class.However, to unlock this skill, you need to first unlock it with seven gems, which means that you need to grind through multiple side quests in the field. This may be a bit of a hassle for players who don’t like to clear question marks, but it gives the player freedom of choice.But as mentioned above, the experience of the game is repetitive, or to use a word that many players prefer, cans.In terms of the main plot, it is basically the ordinary Story of the Second King road in Japanese system. As an open world, this work also adopts the means of seeking the stable heap amount, which is reflected in the map as a clear mark similar to the question number.Eye of heaven, fight monsters, burn trees, suck souls, open a phone booth, purify Torii, do branch lines, sit on Buddha, buy KK records or costumes of the main character at and other unique props…If it’s a loop, enrichment is enrichment, and it’s hard to turn off the game and look back and find a design that makes the player’s eyes shine.The combat system is similar, and the game has been sharply rated by some players as a “land tour with guns” for no reason at all.Most players probably don’t think about it, but the live preview of the game is pretty solid, and most of the content can be found in it — say, after two or three hours of playing the game.In addition to melee attack and defense, the basic combat mode of this game includes a variety of elements such as combo wind, melee water, AOE fire, etc. The limit can be basically considered as the number of bullets, and can be stored attack, when the enemy hit to the core of the soul exposed can be executed from a distance and replenish bullets;These abilities can also be enhanced with tokens earned.In addition, the main character can also use the symbol paper and bow and arrow, or at close range backstab execution, can also finish meimei block enemy attacks, not to mention.And each attribute is basically a simple bullet skin, in addition to the loss of symbol body lack of linkage.This makes most of the experience of the game biubiubiu. Although there are times when KK can only use arrows and paper when he is out of body, as mentioned above, the game attracts a rather fragmented group of players. As I once saw, “It’s fun for KK to face the weird when he is out of body,But there are too few of them “and” hitting KK can sometimes get detached and ruin the game experience “represent two groups of players.The other big problem is monsters.The phenomenon of monster skin change is still quite serious, so that walking on the road will indeed have the feeling of beating the crayfish change color in the terrier picture, and the behavior pattern of the monster is different, but in fact, it does not make the distinction that really accords with the characteristics of Japanese monsters.The enemies for BOSS battles are specially designed, but there are not many of them.On the whole, side lines are better for learning about Japanese folklore, with the occasional new twist — fishing for a river boy with a cucumber, hiding a seat boy, Japanese dolls and the curse of a stuffed man…All in all, from the reviews, we can see that Ghost Line: Tokyo has certain qualities. The cool art style and careful map design have all given the game a good rating among the players.But the lack of a deep combat system, enemies with a decent skin change rate, a standardized open world of canned meat, and a repeatable experience limit the game’s limits.As a fun game, you can try it, but don’t ask for more, it might be a better experience.