“Mango” official bo announced that Xiao Zhan boarded foreign media, Oriental handsome fashion charm, very powerful

2022-07-21 0 By

Recently, “Mango” entertainment official blog announced that Xiao Zhan appeared in foreign media, that is, New York fashion media, I believe that fans have seen this good news, the official also gave a very high evaluation of Xiao Zhan.It is worth mentioning that “Mango” official blog announced the good news at the same time, said that Xiao Zhan has Oriental handsome fashion charm, who would like to say a very strong.The official blog of Mango said: “Xiao Zhan appeared in the foreign media of New York fashion media, who would like to say that it is too cool!Xiao Zhan has fashion charm!”I have to say that the official evaluation is too beautiful, beautiful Chinese and beautiful Chinese language, especially “Oriental handsome fashion charm”, if the “Xiao Zhan Gucci spokesperson” body, too appropriate.As the official bo said, Xiao Zhan has Oriental handsome fashion charm, Xiao Zhan is very fierce, in addition to foreign media is normal, Xiao Zhan has been on foreign media for many times, as for overseas hot search and “world trend”, introduced many times.Xiao Zhan is worthy of the name of the outstanding actor, is also a positive energy icon, Xiao Zhan will of course be very good development, we see Xiao Zhan, that is the case.In a word, congratulations to Xiao Zhan. More and more attention and recognition are all encouragement to Xiao Zhan. We believe that Xiao Zhan will continue to maintain such an attitude and continue to bring us surprises and good works.We will not worry about Xiao Zhan losing himself, xiao Zhan is just very sober, with a very fresh and refined word is “Xiao Zhan is really sober in the world”, Xiao Zhan is very rigorous, practical and serious every moment, and he sticks to his original intention, which is worth learning by all of us.Very strong xiao Zhan, the road ahead, there is a long, it doesn’t matter, we are all here.