Overmanned vehicles are not allowed to “drive”, do not make fun of safety

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In order to guarantee the road traffic safety of tomb-sweeping Day holiday, effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, and solidly promote the rectification of key traffic violations.A mobile patrol squadron of shanwei Traffic Police patrol the main and secondary roads of the city on the evening of April 3, 2008.During the period, the police found a Yue B9UXXX small ordinary bus overmanned suspect, immediately beckoned the car to the side for inspection.After verification, it is found that the car is actually carrying 8 people, and the deputy driver takes 2 people, the small ordinary bus check and verify the number of people carrying 5 people, overload reached 60%!It is understood that the driver said he returned home to visit relatives from other places and went out to play with relatives and friends on the same day. For convenience, he took 3 more people.Police on the spot on the driver Ceng a severe criticism of education, inform its overmanned harm, and ask the car overmanned 3 people to arrange diversion transport.According to the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, the police punished the driver Zeng with 6 points and a fine of 200 yuan.Shanwei traffic police remind that overcrowding leads to the vehicle exceeding its load, which will increase the instability in the driving process. It is easy to cause tire explosion, sudden deviation, brake failure and steering loss of control due to excessive tire load and deformation, which will easily lead to traffic accidents.For the safety of yourself and others, please refuse to drive or ride in an overmanned vehicle.Material source: Shan Wei traffic police urban brigade