Power Grid Simulation Technology Enters “Microsecond Era”

2022-07-21 0 By

Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice, will rely on China electric power research institute co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “China electric institute”) construction operation of the national engineering research center “” new power system simulation into the management of new sequences, which means that our country in the protection of national energy power safety and new energy science given ability construction on a new step.Power system is the most complex man-made dynamic system. Compared with transportation, water conservancy, oil and gas systems, power transmission speed is extremely fast (light speed transmission). Power generation, transmission and electricity consumption are dynamically balanced in real time, without storage links corresponding to parking lots, reservoirs, oil tanks and so on.How to accurately grasp the dynamic characteristics of power grid and maintain stable operation is a major problem.”The operation of power grid can not be interrupted, power grid planning scheme, design and construction scheme, operation control and security defense strategy can not be destructive test verification in the actual power grid, simulation analysis is the key means to master the characteristics of power grid.”He Jingbo, director of the system division of the National Power Dispatching Control Center, introduced that only through simulation calculation can we analyze and master the characteristics of the power grid, verify the accuracy of theoretical analysis and security defense strategy, and provide quantitative decision support for the power grid.In recent years, with the rapid development of DC power transmission and new energy, China’s power grid has become a modern power system with a large number of power electronic equipment and cross-region AC/DC hybrid connection. Its scale and complexity are unprecedented, and the system characteristics have undergone profound changes.Power grid accidents in Britain, Australia and other countries show that power electronic equipment and power system interaction, easy to cause a chain reaction, resulting in large power failure.”In the face of the new situation that power electronic equipment is widely used in modern power system and power structure of power grid has undergone profound changes, the simulation analysis supporting the safe operation of China’s large power grid is also facing world-class problems such as’ impossible ‘, ‘inaccurate’ and ‘fast’, and the safe operation and clean development of power grid are facing severe challenges.”Zhu Yiying, director of the state Grid simulation Center digital simulation laboratory.Previously, electromechanical transient simulation tools were used to study the security and stability of large power grid at home and abroad, supporting the safe operation and coordinated control of actual power grid.When a large number of DC and new energy sources are integrated into the power grid, people begin to realize that the old simulation methods cannot accurately simulate the response and control characteristics of these power electronic devices.The accurate simulation of large power grid security, stability and control characteristics has become an “imitable” problem in the world.Zhu Yiying said China electric institute through years of technical research, research and development of the simulation platform to power grid simulation by the millisecond time scale extended to microsecond, implementation of many back to dc and high proportion of new energy electromagnetic transient simulation of large-scale power grid, and promote the engineering applications, the simulation is worth tens of thousands of nodes, you can override any regional power grid,It breaks through the technical bottleneck of power system characteristic recognition and solves the world problem that modern large power grid cannot be imitated.At the same time, the problems of “fast imitation” and “inaccurate imitation” have been solved.Power network planning involves the overall planning of power network security and economy.High economy requires reduced investment in power grid, but may lead to a decline in security.As early as 1981, the mandatory standard “Guidelines for The Safety and Stability of Power System” in China put forward the principle that power network planning schemes must be checked through simulation.Now, relying on the simulation platform, it can systematically consider the safety and economy of the power grid with a high proportion of new energy access, so that the proposed power grid planning scheme can be calculated, analyzed and demonstrated to ensure that the scheme is more scientific and has strong applicability.Zhu yiying revealed that the technological achievements have played a key role in major projects such as the transmission of electricity from the west to the East, the construction and operation of uHV AC and DC power transmission projects, and large-scale new energy base transmission, effectively ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the power grid under the rapid development of new energy and DC.Data show that, relying on this technology, by accurately checking the DC power transmission and new energy delivery capacity of the State Grid, the economic benefits increased by more than 12 billion yuan;We will improve the capacity of the national grid to transmit and consume new energy, and increase the consumption of clean energy by over 30 billion KWH annually.He jingbo said the technology will continue to play a major role in scientific planning of new power systems, increasing the proportion of new energy connected to the grid, and improving the security and stability of the grid, contributing to the realization of the “dual carbon” strategic goal.