Year of the Tiger Hong Kong stock mergers and acquisitions open the door red Ox group 300 million acquisition of nine digital interactive entertainment

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February 8, 2009 news, Nine Zun Digital Entertainment (stock code: 01961.HK) issued a joint announcement that the company has received a takeover offer worth HK $300 million.Less than a month into 2022, this is the next major acquisition in the global gaming industry, following Zynga and Activision Blizzard.Jiuzun Digital Interactive Entertainment Group Holdings Limited is a mobile Internet pan-entertainment content provider listed on the main board of Hong Kong. Its main business includes the development and operation of mobile games, distribution and marketing of digital media such as e-magazines, comics, music, etc.The company’s revenue in 2020 is 170 million YUAN.According to the announcement, five shareholders of Jiuzun Digital Entertainment transferred about 390 million shares, equivalent to 71.9% of the total issued share capital and valued at about HK $215.9 million, to buyers led by Infinities Global Technology Limited Partnership at an estimated hk $300 million.It is reported that the buyer, Infinities Global Technology Limited Partnership, is actually controlled by Duoniu Technology Group, a well-known New media Technology group in China, which owns a number of well-known assets.Including campus social network Renren, online game platform NGA, video game console and intelligent product portal video game bus, etc.The shareholders of the group are luxurious, including many global listed companies such as Perfect World (002624.sZ), RENN Group (, Shunwang Technology (300113.SZ), Enlight Media (300251.sZ), Haier Group (, 06690.HK),As well as domestic investment institutions such as deep venture investment.Public information shows that In recent years, Duoniu Group has made a wide layout in the fields of games, science and technology, animation, campus social and other fields, established a vibrant young user community, and formed a considerable scale of content and user ecosystem.At the same time, Duoniu technology Group also provides mobile Internet developers with tools and solutions to facilitate their growth.Through self-establishment and cooperation, Duoniu Technology Group has established an extensive, efficient and prosperous mobile Internet ecosystem.The acquisition of Jiuzun Digital Entertainment shows its intention to continue to strengthen the layout of the game sector, enrich the content territory, and enhance the overall competitiveness.According to a report by investment bank Drake Star Partners, the global gaming industry saw a record $85 billion in deals in 2021, with 1,150 deals, roughly three times as many as in 2020.The global gaming industry continues to grow in 2022, with the number of mergers and acquisitions occurring in less than half a month rapidly approaching the record for the entire year of 2021.Take-two (ticker: Ttwo-US), the owner of GTA, Red Dead Red Dead, Borderlands, Civilization, NBA2K, BioShock, etc., announced a $12.7 billion acquisition of social gaming pioneer Zynga(ticker: week later, on January 18, tech giant Microsoft ( announced it would acquire Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ACTIvision blizzard) for $68.7 billion in cash.Atvi. US), the world of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Diablo, StarCraft, a number of well-known IP to become the world’s third largest game company again shocked the industry.Industry insiders believe that under the fundamentals of the global outbreak of COVID-19, the real economy continues to be affected and online concepts such as the meta-universe are increasingly popular.As one of the few business types in the meta-universe with a clear business model, the global games industry will continue to be active in deals in 2022, and the momentum will inevitably shift from west to East.The change of ownership of Jiuzun Digital Entertainment with HK $300 million is also the first shot of the acquisition of Hong Kong stock game enterprises in 2022. The whole plate deserves attention throughout the year.Source: Hong Kong Stock Research Society