A Chinese Odyssey mobile tour: Shenhao’s highlight moment, ten treasure map even out of 6 books without!

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First look at the first picture of 900 million jade!Then to this “big talk – infinite fairy jade clothes” interested in, can pay attention to small, private letter reply “big talk” the rest of the text can not see, see pictures and the end of the article can!Don’t look at the back of the article, directly look at the picture and the end of the article can!Wanting is also, in the heart of her sword fairy ling day, little eats in the same order of strength but stronger than red blood, skyshatter, two people will be allowed after the six order peak tino struck, so LingTianHe little eats nature also have this strength, after the tino struck they can exert the real strength of the relentlessly, god had perfect moment, with a treasure map ten 6 this change!Assuming, of course, that the previous guesses are correct.Hearing this, many people already understood what Ling Tian wanted to say.”Turns out to be so, red blood they will all tino struck just can let them to deal with us, also can let the celestial master of other super can aggressively, because chicken soul fruit in our hands, so they are bound to sell to us, without the threat of tino after they will be a greater threat to us.”Celestial prospective st seven order tino is very sure, because they have seen this level of tino, and the prospective st 8 tino is not impossible, all the original cogage true spirit, they killed two young leaders, if tino when faced with the threat of collapse maybe there will be a prospective st tino eight order to.”Red blood, if they want to kill all the tinu, they need at least seven, eight or even more than ten super masters. They have six copies of ten treasure maps in a row!But so far they have reached this level alone.”SiKongXuan suddenly, he smiled: “according to LingXiong, fusion of ancient beast forced to state through ascension godsworn want another breakthrough will be very hard, they want to have this level of masters but will take a long time, perhaps even later than we break through to the prospective st six order, so what we there would be no need to worry about that.”And after listening to the words of the breaking dome, the look of the Ling Day becomes dignified, because he has understood the powerful world of the Buddhist kingdom, in his heart, want to deal with the world of the Buddhist kingdom needs to go up at the same time 16, not, god hao’s shining moment, ten pieces of treasure map even out 6 this change without!Count Wudde and you have seventeen powerful Buddhist monks.With a pair of seventeen, even if those buddhist monks are close to the holy one 16, the peak of the strong ling day want to fight is not so easy, and what’s more, these monks in some breakthrough in 17 days, almost holy one and enlightenment, but also hides is likely true power is almost holy one 17 heavy day peak and 18 days,It is almost impossible for Ling Tian to break through the Buddhist world.Ling Tian sighed and said, “Ok, I’ll let you go this time, even if I show my sincerity to join hands with you, but I hope this kind of thing won’t happen again in the future.Although we have had many problems in the past, you and I value each other’s loved ones. This is the foundation of our bond. We can only trust each other until we rescue them.””As for what happens after the rescue of relatives and friends, it’s up to you. There will be revenge and revenge. But before that, we should trust each other unconditionally.”Ling added.After seeing the picture, if you want to have 900 million jade, you can pay attention to xiaobian, private letter reply “big talk”