Childless, the old lady’s 100th birthday was a joyous and warm one

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Yangtse Evening News network On February 4 (correspondent Wu Jiyuan reporter Chen Yong) “Grandma, today is your 100 years old birthday, I wish you a happy birthday on behalf of the Government of the Party Committee of Xijia town.Happy New Year, you are celebrating your 100th birthday. I wish you good health and all the best!Yesterday was the 100th birthday of Bian Ziying in Hengfeng Village, Xaigua Town, Gaoyou city.On the same day, the old woman received a birthday cake, condolence money and deep blessings from the party committee and government of the town, relevant departments and the village where she lived.Byeon Ziying, who was born in 1923, celebrated her 100th birthday.The old woman’s husband died of illness many years ago, childless.Under the care of the village, more than 10 years ago, bian Ziying old woman alone in the town nursing home.As a result of old age and infirm, nursing home cadres and staff to take care of the elderly, to help her properly solve the problem of endowment and medical insurance, the elderly life comfortable and comfortable, free of worry.It is understood that the old lady usually does not talk much, does not have bad habits, is kind to others, diet is more regular, has congee to eat congee, has rice to eat, meat and vegetable collocation, sleep regularly.Every festival, town and village cadres and caring personage often come to visit.February 3 is the centennial birthday of Bian Ziying, town and village cadres and nursing home staff have been in mind.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, we set up a temporary happy tent and held a simple birthday party.Specially for the old man to buy birthday cake and other birthday gifts, sent condolence money.The old lady received a condolent red envelope and birthday gifts from everyone. She smiled and nodded as she listened to the shining words of warm birthday wishes.On the scene of the birthday, the old lady from time to time chanting: “Now life is much better, eat well, wear well, so many people take care of me, give me a birthday.Look, there are so many red envelopes, I can’t hold them, thank you!”Proofreading Xu Hang