Drops almost all business will be the layoffs | good service outsourcing

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Didi recently received layoff notices in all of its ride-hailing, two-wheeler and freight businesses, but not in its international and autonomous driving divisions, which are among didi’s most independent.It is reported that in the middle of January, Didi innovation Business Division R-Lab has started to lay off staff, all domestic business will be eliminated, and the international delivery technology team will be merged into the international department.The business unit was established in 2017 and incubated Didi Take-out.According to didi insiders, the layoffs will be implemented very quickly, with the notice completed by the end of this month and the compensation at the legal standard N+1.The proportion of layoffs varies from department to department, and the overall figure is about 20%, with both functions and business lines achieving 20% targets.As of January 2022, Didi was handling about 20m orders a day, a fifth less than the 25m disclosed in its ipo prospectus.Didi Chuxing is still unable to register new users and its app is still not back on the market. It is losing users and revenue, and Its share of the ride-hailing market has dropped from nearly 90% to 70%.Source: LatePost