Feng Xuehua raped and killed 3 people and was sentenced to death, son: You brought trouble to this family, I will not cry for you

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On February 16, 2019, Wang Qiang (pseudonym), a deaf-mute villager in Tongma Mountain Village, Baima Town, Shizhong District, Leshan city, Sichuan Province, was working in the field when he suddenly saw a figure in a hat moving quickly on a nearby hill.He wondered why the man was running up the hill when he was fine. Was he in some danger?In this case, Wang Qiang decided to run after the man and ask if he needed any help.As they got closer and closer, Wang Qiang felt that the man on the mountain looked more and more familiar, as if he had seen him from somewhere, but he could not remember who he was.Wait until two people only 10 meters away from the distance, Wang Qiang finally remembered that he is Feng Xuehua, is the police reward 100,000 prize wanted, but also raped and killed 3 people bandits plus color demons.Thinking of this, Wang Qiang stopped and ran back to the village to tell the village head Wang Gang.Wang gang got on his motorcycle and led Wang Qiang to the spot, while calling the police who were rounding up nearby.Once they reached their destination, the pair climbed more than 100 metres up a hill, threaded their way through clumps of thorns and found a depression where they found a white shirt, a beer can, a drink can and a cigarette case.Confirmed by the police, these things are the traces of life left by the gangster Feng Xuehua.Later, police carried out a large-scale search of the nearby mountains and found feng’s four hiding places.At about 5:20 p.m., Chen Xiaogang, director of chejia Mountain Village in Baima Town, and li Zhonglin, a villager, found a cluster of soybean straw moving in the wood room behind a house in Wanjing Village, as if someone was inside.Just as the two of them were about to use a wooden stick to split the straw to see what was happening, Feng xuehua stabbed Chen with a box cutter.Li Zhonglin too late to think, holding a stick towards Feng Xuehua’s head.When Feng Xuehua saw him, he turned and ran away.But just outside the door, and was chased up by Li Zhonglin to severely hit a stick.Feng xuehua did not dare to resist, can only speed up the escape.When he reached the dam near the woodhouse, he met another villager from Tongma village with a stick and they confronted each other.Ten seconds later, Li Zhonglin and Chen Xiaogang catch up.In this way, the three people put into a triangular formation, will be surrounded by Feng Xuehua in the middle, Feng Xuehua is holding a knife disorderly scratching.While Li Zhonglin took advantage of Feng Xuehua’s “play live” gap, a stick knocked off his hand knife.Then the three men rushed forward and knocked Feng xuehua to the ground with a stick, beating his head straight blood, pain crying.By then, the police had arrived and arrested Feng, sparing him the wrath of the villagers.It was later said that if the police had come a little later, they might have had to collect Feng’s body.So the question is, what on earth did Feng Xuehua do that made the villagers beat him up?On February 16, 1969, Feng Xuehua was born in Qiaolou village, Baima Town (now Shangyi Town), Dongpo District, Meishan City, Sichuan Province. In his early years, he had been a decorator and worked in a factory. He did not have many hobbies but was addicted to alcohol.Even on the run, he never forgot to buy a drink.In almost every place he stayed, there were traces of his drinking, and in some cases he was drunk.Even in the face of heavy police pressure, he did not forget to drink.Even in one victim’s house, there were bottles of wine left by him.The police were able to quickly locate Feng because he was hungry for alcohol. When he fled, he bought a bottle of baijiu from the mountain and left a surveillance record.Feng xuehua is married to Xie Hua (pseudonym), with whom he has a son, Feng Ping (pseudonym).According to Xie, Feng liked to drink and was often violent.Even during their marriage, Feng often beat her, often beating her black and blue.Xie also mentioned divorce, but Feng not only refused, but tore up the marriage certificate and threatened: “If you dare divorce, I will kill your family.”Later because cannot bear the domestic violence of husband Feng Xuehua, Xie Hua went to Meishan to work alone, leaving son Feng Ping to live with him.Relying on his own frugality, Xie hua also bought a house in meishan city district.Feng xuehua’s first criminal impulse came one night in 2009.After finishing a dinner party, he entered the house of his neighbor Yu and tried to rape her, but she and yu’s daughter beat him up with furniture.After xie Hua scolded Feng Xuehua, and for her husband to apologize, claiming that the future will not be repeated, Yu and her husband will therefore forgive Feng Xuehua.After this matter, Feng Xuehua’s wind comment is worse, but also let his wife Xie Hua, son Feng Ping can not lift the head, mother and son will stay outside all year round to work, can not go home, do not go home, because can not stand other people’s strange eyes.In June 2017, Feng and Yu broke out in a dispute over a small matter.On the evening of December 4, he lost more than 200 yuan at cards. He asked people around to lend him money, but no one was willing to do so. He had to go home angrily.Feng Xuehua met Yu on the way, under the old and new hatred, while drinking strength into yu’s home, the rape of its, and killed it, threw into a dry well about 200 meters away from the scene, also robbed her gold and silver jewelry and mobile phones and other valuables, and cover the traces around the weeds branches.The next day, to cover up his criminal facts, Feng Xuehua came to the white horse town thousands of meters away from the dongpo district Xiuwen town, find the acquaintance of Kan, let Kan with yu mou’s mobile phone call yu mou’s daughter, said Yu mou went out to work, want to give yourself more time to escape.Kan know feng Xuehua is not good, also guess that Yu may have been killed, in order to save themselves, can only do.After all this, Feng Xuehua cheated Kan out of the house, raped her, after the stone will be hit to death, the body to a remote ditch in the orchard abandoned.Since then, Feng has been on the run for one and a half years, and the police have begun to hunt feng.It is reported that Kan introduced Feng Xuehua to work for relatives.Once when farming is busy, Feng Xuehua wants to ask for leave to go home farming, did not get kan’s relative permission.Feng Xuehua ever looked for Kan mou, want to let her say intercede, but be refused.Since then, Feng Xuehua hated kan mou.At this time, Xie Hua did not know that her husband had raped and murdered two women. She did not know that he had committed the crime until she returned to her hometown and could not contact him.Although the police know within a few hours is Feng Xuehua raped and killed Yu mou, Kan Mou, but it has been difficult to find his trail.Because Feng Xuehua had already sneaked into the mountain.In addition, he is a farmer, familiar with the surrounding mountains and landforms, strong ability to survive in the wild.The most important point is that Feng never lacks food and drink, because the countryside of Sichuan is full of fruit trees in summer and autumn.In spring and winter, almost every household is drying preserved meat, preserved fish and preserved chicken.So throughout the year, Feng never lacked for food. As long as he stole a handful of preserved meat with fruit down the mountain, it was enough for him to eat for a long time.Therefore, although the police mobilized a large number of police forces and mobilized the masses, they could not catch Feng Xuehua all the time.On October 17, 2018, Feng Xuehua unexpectedly returned to his home (White horse town Bridge building village), sneaked into the neighbor Luo home.That night Luo riding a motorcycle home, just entered the door was Feng Xuehua hit with a stone dizzy, was raped.Feng Xuehua will luo mou wu death, will throw its body in the dry well, and then ride her motorcycle away.On January 12, 2019, Feng fled to Yueshan Township, Shizhong District of Leshan city, and broke into Li’s home at around 9 p.m., tied up Li and raped her.After venting, Feng xuehua did not escape immediately, but sat in the house for a while, smoked a cigarette, until about 23:30 left the scene, walking also proudly said to Li: “you can not catch me, I am not here.”On February 8 of the same year, Feng Xuehua came to Guanmiao township, which is not far from Yuelai Township, and raped a 17-year-old girl again. After that, he also robbed the girl’s grandmother’s battery car, as well as a woman’s dark green medium long hooded down jacket.It was also the first time that the police caught Feng xuehua on the trail. Multiple cameras captured a motorcycle figure wearing a dark green down jacket.On February 11, a camera at a concession stand in Baima town captured feng’s clearest footage of the attack. He bought a bottle of liquor, two bottles of Coke, a box of biscuits and a pack of cigarettes at a concession stand and sped off down the road.On February 16, the police locked and surrounded Feng Xuehua in Tongzi Mountain, Tongma Mountain Village, Baima Town, Shizhong District, Leshan City by means of surveillance video, visits and mobilizing people.That afternoon, he was discovered by wang Qiang, the deaf villager at the beginning of the article. He was eventually arrested and sentenced to death in the first trial.Feng xuehua sometimes disguised himself to ride villagers’ motorcycles to go to the market. He would also get dirty when stealing things down the mountain. He would often “change his appearance” and use the money he stole to buy wine and peanuts.In addition, the police found in the interrogation of Feng Xuehua to what people are cruel, but the son of Feng Ping is very gentle, also said very want him, and think that they committed these crimes are forced, in addition to the son, the whole world of people are sorry themselves, including his wife.Feng said he raped and killed Yu and Luo because the two men had been bad-mouthing them in the village, leaving his son without a wife.But Feng Xuehua did not know that his son Feng Ping did not apologize to him, but he was sorry to his son.What he did changed the situation of feng’s mother and son completely. Xie Hua, his wife, dared not live at home at all, because someone came to settle accounts at home and could only sleep on the floor of relatives’ home.Feng Ping, the son of a factory worker, is in the promotion period, suddenly one day, the local police from the factory in front of the public to take him away, then the factory dismissed him.In other words, Feng xuehua single-handedly ruined his son’s future.When Feng Ping returned home, some people pointed at him: “This is the son of a murderer.”In the back, even relatives and friends kept away from the mother and son, and even the fruit seller deliberately underpriced their fruit.Feng ping met feng only once after he was arrested and said, “You have brought this family into trouble. I will not cry for you after you are executed.”Feng ping said in an interview in October 2021: “What he did was to turn his back on the family and expose my mother and me to discrimination and contempt.”Feng also turned down a girl’s advances in early January 2022 in order not to implicate more people.”I don’t think about it until it’s settled,” he said. “I don’t want to bring another family down, I don’t want her to suffer with me.After this matter is resolved, I will fool friends, get married and have children.”