In 2017, a letter from home that had been hidden for 55 years led the 62-year-old man to his loved ones

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In 2017, a 62-year-old man in a village in Zhuzhou County, Hunan Province, found a letter from home when he was cleaning up his room.His eyes welled up as he read the letter home. The old man remembered very well that it had been written by her own mother.Fifty-five years ago, his mother gave him the letter and asked him to keep it safe.But after he got lost and was adopted by foster parents, the letter was lost.The old man had a question in his heart. Why was this letter hidden here, so that it was only discovered 55 years later?With this doubt, the old man according to the clue in the letter home began to look for family members, eventually found relatives, but also unlock the doubts in the heart.So, what does this letter say?What are the important clues in there?And why was it hidden away?The old man, yuan Dingfang, was a well-known “eccentric” in the village.The villagers said that yuan Dingfang usually lived in a secluded house, did not love to communicate with people, and has never been married, only a brother to help take care of him.What Yuan Dingfang usually does most is to stand in front of her house, overlooking the railway in the distance, watching the trains coming and going.If at this time there are villagers passing by to say hello to him, Yuan Dingfang will not agree.No matter you are normal call him, or scold him, or chat with him in the village gossip, he will not answer, as if the mind in a thousand miles away, the soul is not on the body at all.Because of this, Yuan Dingfang became a famous “eccentric” in the village.In the face of the villagers’ comments, Yuan Dingfang did not take it to heart, still go his own way, almost every day will stand at the door overlooking the train.How he wished his family were in the train, how he wished they would seek him here and call him: “Take the bet!”Had he heard the familiar call, he would have answered aloud: “Here is the bet!I am the bet!”For 55 years, Yuan Dingfang would stand on guard at the door of his house almost every day, but never waited for the familiar figure in his memory to call him the word “dingzi”.Why did you get lost?In 2017, Yuan Dingfang as in the past standing at the door watch, looking at the distance of the train and track memories.After standing for a while, Yuan Dingfang suddenly gave birth to the idea of cleaning up the house, after cleaning his house, Yuan Dingfang pushed away the room of waste.The room was full of old furniture. He decided to rummage through the room and dig out everything that was useful and throw away everything that wasn’t.However, yuan Dingfang did not expect that he was in an abandoned cabinet, found many years ago lost that letter home.Letter he will letter tightly in your hand, reading the above content: now only bring comrade will YaZi weeks meaning to cloud, I because no money money, set YaZi money money or borrow someone else’s, so didn’t come this time, if settle calm YaZi life, write a letter sent back immediately, I also sold the house to others, I also will come…March 6, 1962.After reading this letter, Yuan Dingfang was in tears.And he in those days lost memory, also appear again in mind……In the early 1960s, Yuan’s father, Zhang Daifeng, went to work to support the family, while his mother, Chen Xuemei, took him back to their home in Hunan province.Zhang changed jobs several times before settling down at the Shangqing forest farm in Guixi, Jiangxi Province.The leader of the forest farm saw that Zhang daifeng worked hard. In order to keep this “good seedling”, he said to him: “You have worked well here and have a stable income. Why don’t you bring your family here?”After the leadership of this point, Zhang Daifeng instantly understand the meaning of leadership.He scratched his head and said sheepishly, “Thank you for reminding me. I will write to you immediately and let my wife and children come to live here.”Therefore, Zhang Daifeng wrote a letter to his wife Chen Xuemei: my work in the forest farm has been stable, you take the children to come.All Zhang wants is to reunite his family and bring his son and wife over for a better life.He eagerly looked forward to the letter can soon be delivered, wish his wife and children can grow wings to fly to his side.In this way, Zhang Daifeng waited and waited, but finally received his son’s lost letter.Zhang felt sad and self-reproached, blaming his son’s disappearance on his own fault.He thought that he could have returned to Hunan to pick up his wife and children after the rush, but something happened to him because of his eagerness. If he had not been eager to let his wife and children come over, his son would not have been lost.Chen Xuemei is also very remorse, after receiving her husband’s letter home, she is dealing with a little things at home, there is no way to return to her husband immediately.So please neighbor Zhou Yi cloud with his son in the past.Before her son left, Chen xuemei wrote a letter home and stuffed it into his padded jacket.”This is a letter from your mother to your father,” she said. “You must read it carefully and not lose it. When you see your father, give it to him.”Yuan Dingfang heard the meaning of his mother’s words, he hugged his mother, whispered sobbing: “Mom, you don’t leave with me?”Chen Xuemei shook her head and told Yuan Dingfang, “My child, your mother still has something to do at home. You go there first and live a good life with your father. After some time, your mother will also go there.”Zhou Yi yun “Really?””Really, I let your uncle Zhou send you over, you must listen to your uncle Zhou, don’t run around.”With that, Chen xuemei squatted down and wiped the tears from Yuan dingfang’s eyes with her fingers.Yuan Dingfang sensible nodded, he pulled his mother’s hand: “Mother rest assured, I must take good care of the letter home, won’t lose the letter home, when I went to my father, let my father write to you.”The next day, neighbor Zhou Yi yun came to meet Yuan Dingfang.Chen Xuemei led Yuan Dingfang to come out, Yuan Dingfang skillfully greeted: “Uncle Zhou.”Zhou Yi yun smiled happily promised, and Chen Xuemei after a few words will pull Yuan Dingfang left.Soon, they took a bus to the railway station.Yuan Dingfang took the train for the first time and was curious about everything around him. He looked left and right and asked Zhou Yiyun, “Uncle Zhou, what are we going to do later?Week meaning cloud: “wait, be check ticket, those uncle aunt will see you have buy a ticket, check ticket end we wait for train to come over then can get on the bus……”With that, they walked to the place where the ticket was checked.Zhou Yi Yun took out his id card and train ticket to the staff, who put them in after looking at them.Then, Zhou Yi yun took Yuan Dingfang to the waiting room, waiting room is full of people, there is no seat to sit two people had to stand in the side of the corner.Waiting, Zhou Yi yun felt a little bored, he patted Yuan Dingfang’s small head said: “Uncle Zhou to buy something to eat, soon came back, you must obediently stand here, do not move.”Say that finish, Zhou Yi yun left.Zhou Yi Yun thought he would be back soon, but did not figure out the place to sell things, his stomach suddenly throbbing up, his forehead straight cold sweat, feeling pain.Then, zhou Yi cloud went to the toilet directly.And Yuan Dingfang is in zhou Yi cloud belly during the lost.At that time, zhou Yiyun just left ten minutes before Yuan Dingfang as he said, standing there honestly, did not move at all.But with the passage of time, Yuan Dingfang see zhou Yi cloud, suddenly some impatient.Impatient of he see stream of people go forward, also follow go forward, he follow stream of people casually on the train.After boarding the train, he anxiously walked around the carriages trying to find Zhou yiyun, but he couldn’t find her from start to finish.Yuan Dingfang could not help crying, and when the train stopped, he rushed out directly and ran out of the station.The train took him to a strange city, Yuan Dingfang did not know the way, he endured cold and hunger, aimless walk.After a few walks, Yuan Dingfang’s heart more hesitated, he helplessly squatted down and cried.It was at this moment that a peasant couple, dressed modestly, passed by, and when they saw the child crying, they were moved with pity.Therefore, the couple took Yuan Dingfang back, and She became their adopted child.And zhou Yiyun at the other end, after finding Yuan Dingfang lost, anxiously shouted in the waiting hall: “Bet!Bet your children!”Zhou Yi yun separated the heavy crowd, constantly called, shouted, but shouted all the waiting hall did not see someone respond.Later, Zhou Yi Yun in the station staff with the help of radio propaganda, but to no avail, Yuan Dingfang has been missing.Yuan Dingfang’s disappearance, let Zhou Yi Cloud guilt, also became the knot of his depression life, until the death of the matter, he also brooded, asked the family must find Yuan Dingfang.And Yuan Dingfang’s parents, in his missing years, also did not give up the search, they posted a missing person’s notice, also reported to the police, but to no avail.Then they had another son, whom they took care of with great care, lest he should be lost as well as the first.They gave their younger son the same love they had for their older son.”If only you had a brother,” she would say to her youngest son.Zhang Daifeng and Chen Xuemei did not forget their eldest son until they died. They asked their youngest son, “It is our lifelong regret that we did not find your brother. After we are gone, you must find him.”In this way, Zhang Daifeng and Chen Xuemei regret the end.It took the younger son until 2017 to fulfill his parents’ wish and get his brother back.In 2017, Yuan Dingfang found a letter from her mother 55 years ago in an old cabinet at home.This letter made him hope to find his family, in order to find his family quickly, Yuan Dingfang reported the incident to the local media reporters, hoping to use the power of the media to find their loved ones.And the media fell in the help of relevant departments, query a pair called Zhang Daifeng and Chen Xuemei husband and wife.The couple’s name, and the yuan Dingfang letter in the couple’s name overlap.So the reporter speculated that these two people are likely to be Yuan Dingfang’s biological parents.Zhang Daihong according to this clue, the reporter went to the couple’s residence, the couple is not in Hunan, in Jiangxi Province, Guixi City, Guixi City of the Shangqing forest farm.Came to the qing forest reporters just know, Zhang Daifeng and Chen Xuemei died many years ago, leaving only a son Zhang Daihong.”We do have a lost child, my brother, before I was born,” Zhang told reporters.The reporter asked: “your parents have been in the qing forest farm?””My parents lived in Hunan in the early years and then came here to make a living,” zhang says, shaking her head.Listening to Zhang Daihong’s description, the reporter’s heart a joy, because Yuan Dingfang’s parents had also lived in Hunan.Zhang Daihong continued: “Mom and dad told me that he was the most naughty when he was a child, parents have always loved him, dying also asked me to get my brother back, if that person is really my brother, you must be the first time to inform me……”After visiting Zhang Daihong, the reporter came to the old place where Zhang Daifeng and Chen Xuemei had lived, namely Shitan Town, Tanxiang City, Hunan Province, according to the clues mentioned in the letter home.There was a place name “Qifen Tang” mentioned in a letter home.The reporter asked the local resident: “is there a place called qifen Pond here?””Yes!””Answered the villager positively.”Have any children ever been lost?””My nephew got lost fifty-five years ago.””At that time, your nephew followed a man named Zhou Yi Yun to go, right?””Yes.”‘Lost at the railway station?”Yes.””Remember the kid’s name is The old man?””Take the children, here, take the children.””Zhou yiyun came back and said he had to go to the toilet and the baby was lost.”The answer of the villagers fully confirmed the contents of the letter home, at the moment, the reporter has confirmed in the heart, they lost the child, is Yuan Dingfang.In order to verify this conjecture again, the reporter visited Zhang Daihong’s cousin Luo Shiqian.Luo shiqian told reporters: “In 1962, WHEN I was 12 years old, I remember that his father, Zhang Daifeng, went there and settled down in the forest farm. The people in the forest farm said that you can bring your family members, so Zhang Daifeng wanted to take the child back, but his aunt had something to deal with at home, so he didn’t go with him.”Luo Shiqian’s words, and the contents of the letter written in the same, once again verified the reporter’s guess.After this, the reporter respectively took zhang Daihong and Yuan Dingfang blood samples sent to identify, soon, the identification results will come out, as expected: Zhang Daihong and Yuan Dingfang is indeed brothers.That the DNA test results of the reporter, then made two phone calls, the good news told Zhang Daihong and Yuan Dingfang.After looking for her family for so long, Yuan Dingfang learned the final result and burst into tears.Yuan Dingfang’s family is found, but the reporter’s heart there is a doubt: this letter home why will be hidden?When the reporter interviewed Yuan Zhangqing, the son of Yuan Dingfang’s adoptive parents, he said: “I also know that my brother’s greatest wish in his life is to find his biological parents. This letter is a secret my father hid all his life. We only found out after he died.Unexpectedly, Yuan Dingfang learned this answer, and did not complain, he said that his adoptive parents are very good to him, is to treat him as his own son, he does not blame the adoptive parents.Unlock the doubts in the heart, Yuan Dingfang will be relieved, he took into account the distance between Hunan and Jiangxi, so he came to the old place where he once lived, and the relatives here first recognize, then came to his brother Zhang Daihong home.On the day they met, Zhang Daihong’s daughter-in-law made several dishes specially.And Zhang Daihong anxiously standing outside the door waiting, eagerly looking at the distance, waiting for the arrival of his brother.Soon, Yuan Dingfang, accompanied by reporters, came to his brother’s home, the two brothers just met and cried out, Yuan Dingfang excited to embrace Zhang Daihong’s shoulder.”More than fifty years.””Mom misses you.””I miss my mother, too.””Just go home, go home and be together.”.After talking and eating, the two brothers immediately went to their parents’ graves.Yuan Dingfang knelt in front of her parents’ grave, burning paper while mumbling: “Mom and dad, I came back, home.”At this moment, Yuan Dingfang completely completed his wish, find lost relatives for many years, but also find the home in the heart.