Li Xiang is not affected by wang Yuelun’s scandal, late at night bask in a big bouquet of flowers, thin to recognize

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Li xiang posted a picture of a large bouquet of flowers on her social networking site late on Feb 11.Li Xiang sun a bunch of huge flowers, leafy, colorful, gorgeous dazzing.She seems to be in a good mood, unfazed by wang’s alleged affair with his female companion.A few days ago, Wang Yuelun and his girlfriend were photographed at the airport, the two seem to be traveling together.Wang yuelun, wearing a black coat and sunglasses, is a bit overweight, while his girlfriend is young and beautiful. She is slender and fashionably dressed. She looks quite old.And Wang Yuelun also close to help the woman with the bag.Wang yuelun and Li Xiang have rarely been together since their divorce, but they have both been photographed with someone else.Before that, Li Xiang also went with a man, a man dressed in business clothes, a successful appearance, and Li Xiang is very suitable.Li Xiang is in a good mood recently, and even sent a small video to send New Year’s greetings to everyone.She was dressed in a red dress and looked beautiful, with her sharp chin sticking out. She had a shimmering diamond necklace around her neck, which made her look very feminine.Although they had broken up, both Wang yuelun and Li Xiang liked Wang Shiling very much.Before The party of Li Xiang and her daughter, Wang Yuelun also gave up his job and went on holiday with Wang Shiling. Although they broke up, they still had a good relationship.Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun got married. Let’s bless their marriage together.May they both get better and find the right person to spend the rest of their lives with.