Ma3 jia2 wen: “be grilled ma3 jia3 empress madam burst red” qin home big fool VS Chu home evil female, super sweet

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# recommend majia article # today to recommend to everyone is Majia article: “was stripped majia after the madam burst red” ‍ Qinjia big fool VS Chu evil female, super sweet.”Be stripped of waistcoat after the madam burst red” ‍ novel introduction: Qin home big fool married chu home evil female.People day: double waste match well, do not know two give birth to the child is what freak.A few years later, an adorable doll stood on the award platform of the National Top ten teenagers…Great content: “Mu Jie you got married!”Mu warm unexpectedly married, before the loss of the news is to retire to marry?But no, munnuan was in his teens when he retired, right?And the world doesn’t know this yet, and if it does, there’s gonna be a lot of blood online.’What, CAN’t I get married?Chu small warm think, she muwarm this identity really did not spread the news of marriage, small white is the first day to her side of work, the elder sister did not give her to say these is also very normal.She did not volunteer her identity, but a rhetorical question.”Not that we can’t…This is the situation, Sister Mu, you know you have made such a big stir on the Internet before, if another marriage news now, I am afraid that the Internet will collapse.””What’s so exaggerated?”Chu small warm by small white words laugh, want to think and way: “This thing you know on the line, don’t go outside to say, temporarily no one will know, you don’t have to worry about the network paralysis.””Don’t worry, I won’t go out and say anything.”Xiaobai immediately way.The basic ethics of a celebrity assistant is not to talk about the artist’s business.This chu small warm or rest assured, sister will not put a unreliable person in her side, before she used the identity to take mu warm, because at that time did not think about the development of the entertainment industry, so there was no special with what assistant.But now it’s different. If you’re taking advantage of this momentum, you’re going to be there for a long time, and the people around you are going to be there for a long time, so you have to be very reliable.In the car to rest for a while, Chu Small warm just get down from the car, into the cast, Chu Lingshuang still did not come over, but it has gathered a lot of staff and other actors.”Hold up wife addiction: madam you ma3 jia3 dropped” ‍ novel introduction: Shen Shao originally thought that their daughter-in-law is a charming little beauty, did not think she was actually wearing a ma3 jia3’s almighty big guy, so Shen Shao stepped on the road of no return to pick daughter-in-law ma3 jia3.Why it’s great: Walk into the club and you’ll see a lavish lobby with intricate lighting that glows cold on the expensive paintings hanging on the walls.Club whole is costly but not vulgar, refined do not break high however, the person that visible backside decorates savour is tall.King’s Night is every fighter’s dream club, but to become a member of their club, the minimum requirement is to have been in the top five of the world’s competitions.Today is the annual boxing championship.Entering the clubhouse, I pushed open the door on the right. The lamps on all four high walls cast dark shadows across the long, wide but deserted corridor. The eyes of famous people in famous paintings on both sides seemed to hold one’s heart.At the end there was a space that could hold thousands of people. The ring was empty, but it was full of people, waving flags and Shouting wildly.The big screen in the ring scrolls basic information about each fighter.When Kris’s name came up, the crowd’s spirits soared, chanting “Kris” “Kris” in unison.Kris’ hottest young star in the ring, straight from the top, has not lost a single win.When Kris started out, no one looked up to him. Everyone else was big and strong, but he looked weak and white, with thin arms and legs that could be snapped at any time.Tall enough, but too small for boxing.In the ring, it’s a matter of life and death. No one cares. What matters is victory or fame.Abbas looked disapprovingly at his meagerness, smiled scornfully and said he could make three moves.At that time, the audience also laughed and disdained.”This weak chicken can go to the ring, is no one.””Mommy, your waistcoat was exploded again” ‍ novel introduction: five years ago, a divorce agreement, forced her to sign, she threw everything down, disgraced to leave.Five years later, she came back with a pair of lovely treasures, just want to abuse slag!Great thing to do: “She’s been at this hotel for four hours now, and she hasn’t moved at all. If she wanted to trade, she could have done it. But they haven’t moved.”Mocheng all admires her intelligence “because Klai Si and she propose that to complete the transaction, the big boss behind her must appear in person, otherwise there is no sincerity!”Tang Zi evening dozen a ring finger, “you say of right, according to my guess, the big boss behind her, this meeting personally appear, you this time can incidentally catch all.”Mo Li Cheng thinks of the big boss of Guangtang and recalls what Lin Said to him before he left.The organization behind the light hall is very mysterious, can see, are all small, like Luo Chengdong, Cheng Fang these, are behind the big boss can abandon the small role at any time.If they can take advantage of this deal and get a big shot behind it, that’s a big step!If this time, they can catch the big boss behind the scenes, it will definitely bring down the spirit of guangtang!”You send this location to me, I let Qin Yong they stare at the location of the hotel.”Tang Immediately sends the hotel’s location to Moli Cheng’s phone.And Mo Cheng forwards this location to Qin Yong and the police department of those players, marking this thing, to them on the line.He was in the hotel, waiting for news.After running outside all day, Yu Xing was almost out of breath, so she ran to their room and poured herself a large glass of water and drank it down.Tang Zi evening helplessly say: “are you thirsty dead ghost reincarnation?You drink slowly.””Little madam, Cheng Fang has been in the hotel, inch by inch, and she has not seen anyone, what you say, that big boss, have not appeared from beginning to end, you are not conjecturing wrong?”The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.