On February 15, baoxing County meteorological Observatory issued a blue alert of “level IV/general” for strong temperature drop

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Baoxing County Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning of strong temperature drop at 18:17 on February 15, 2022:Affected by the cold air, there was an obvious cooling and precipitation weather process in our county from 16th, the daily average temperature dropped 5-7℃ in 72 hours, there was light rain in most towns and villages, and there was light to moderate snow in middle-high mountain areas, and there may be snow and ice on roads. When the cold air affected, there may be accompanied by 3-5 level northerly wind.Please pay attention to prevent the adverse effects of the cooling and rain weather, strengthen cold and warm.1. Pay attention to wear warm clothes, prevent colds and respiratory diseases, and drive slowly;2. Take certain protective measures for crops;3. Proper disposal of plants and animals susceptible to mild winds;4. High altitude and other outdoor workers pay attention to cold and wind.