One love, two hearts, three words are together

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1. Life is short.Don’t be too tired, this life will have me in the silent care and blessing you!2. Hello, can I have a word with you?The world owes you all the gentleness, I will return.4. I love you like the way I want to marry you.There is only one you in the world, how can I not cherish.6. Hold your hand, long walk.7. When you show up, everyone else looks like that.8 let me personally make you a cup of tea, add a piece of rock sugar, and then inject a cavity enthusiasm, put my love, a little bit to dissolve into the tea.9. I only regret one thing, I regret that I did not meet you earlier, let you eat a lot of bitter, and I walked a lot of wrong road.We have a dog at home. My mother doesn’t like it. Do you want it?11 just want to stick, but also want to give you a lot of love.12 I love you, not just a sweet words, I am willing to prove with action.”Sit tight, dear!13. I would rather quarrel with you than love others.14. When you showed up, you took out all my negative emotions!15 you are so thin, but still fill my heart.The most romantic thing is to grow old with you.17 life play, there are sad and happy, more can not lack you!Valentine’s day, do not play coloratura, do not play acrobatics, just seriously pass a message to you, I love you.Precious things are very few in this world. That is the reason there is just one you.19. I think I’m a philanderer. I like the way you look every day