“Washe river’s lake” the whole deyun society painting style, Qin Xiaoxian Shang Xiaoju play name its own joke

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“Washe river’s lake” the whole deyun painting style, Qin Xiaoxian Shang Xiaoju drama name with a joke article leisurely cloud “Washe river’s lake” finally in the expectation of the broadcast, the original name should be called “De Yun Washe”.Later renamed “Vasshe river’s Lake” should also want to deyun society, but after the broadcast, but the whole process is very Deyun society painting style.It’s like a long-form crosstalk drama, or a variety show.Because their daily talk is like crosstalk, but also like real daily life.The main actors in the drama are Qin Xiaoxian, Meng Hetang, Li Hedong, Cao Heyang and Shang Xiaoju.In the eight episodes broadcast, there have been many deyun Society actors, Yang Hetong, Xie Jin, Zhang Jiuling and so on, look at the late cast list should be more deyun Society actors to participate in the performance.Although the show has an actress in it, after eight episodes there is no emotional support.In terms of domestic films and TV dramas, it is also a miracle.After all, many movies and TV series, even non-drama comedy or even tragedy, may have some emotional scenes, and then because of the emotional scenes, in order to attract the audience’s attention.The female main play of this play is very man: inn keeper.Is now commonly known as the boss, basically this role is suitable for both men and women, I do not know whether there is a love scene in the later stage, so far there is no love scene.Although the manager is a female generation, also quite good to look at, but the style is very fierce.Qin Xiaoxian played the little emperor was also picked up to be enslaved to stick not to say, but also had been the whole body.The fans of Deyunshe themselves also like to hit their crosstalk partners cp, which gives people the feeling of being very easy to hit.”Wasshe river’s lake” in no men and women’s feelings play it doesn’t matter, the cp in the play was also hit.One of them is Qin Xiaoxian and Shang Xiaoju composition of the master servant CP, the name of the play is its own joke.Shang Xiaoju’s role is called “eight two”, the little emperor Qin Xiaoxian gave himself a name to hide his identity is called “Huang Banjin”.”Six of one, six of the other” CP in the play has a lot of funny scenes.Qin Xiaoxian played the little emperor in the palace is too boring, the queen mother in order to cultivate him is all kinds of hard work, severe to the palace in the eyes of the little emperor is the existence of prison.Later, the empress dowager’s words were even more poignant: prison and the chance to exercise, and he was to be the emperor for life.Is also to vent discontent in the room chuai Chuai dozen found a secret way, secret way he found the same “de Fuvasshe”.He even saw lanling, the folk artist whose portraits were hung in his study instead of those of his ancestors.Lanling is Meng Hetang play, two people in fuwasshe met after, which Lanling because once unbearable encounter was beaten depressed also dizzy: on the stage can not sing.Drunk after the little emperor confide unbearable experience, Lanling cry pear with rain, the little emperor comfort.At that time Meng Hetang lying in The arms of Qin Xiaoxian that feeling, many fans also said “sweet” : this pair of idols and fans cp was also knocked.Because the whole painting style of Deyun Society, the experience brought to the audience is very relaxed and happy.Although each person’s acting looks somewhat grandiose, but can not say that deyun she crosstalk actors acting absolutely seconds kill many professional flow stars in the entertainment circle.Speaking of Shang Xiaoju has been three generations of deyun society, acting is not ambiguous.Because Qin Xiaoxian to a person to stay in fuwashe, Shang Xiaoju’s role can only be secretly protected.Secretly protect the time of Shang Xiaoju is also a joke constantly burden, and uncles acting together do not pull cross.With so many actors participating in the performance, it can be said that Guo degang is also giving opportunities to all the apprentices of Deyun Society and their apprentices.In recent years, the commercial performances of Deyun Society have been greatly affected by the special circumstances.Fortunately, commercial performances were affected and actors still needed to work, so many dramas and variety shows were made.”Vasshe river’s lake” after still have a deyun society teleplay to be doing propaganda, if not out of accident, should leave sow time also not far, or be to receive file this play directly.In terms of the broadcast effect of this play by Deyun Society, plus the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival Gala, the audience also feel very top.Although the film review site has not yet opened, five-star and one-star reviews are available.Some net friends said: The Chinese New Year, suitable for watching large-scale comedy drama.Awkward to the head.The right group of people make the right play, that’s all.Some people may take this drama and the classic explosive style “Swordsman” compared, just feel a little bit less meaning, but not blow not black watching experience, at least feel very relaxed, very decompression.I haven’t been affected by the emotional drama.If the plot doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, no fictional film or TV series does, and the show itself is an absolute comedy.Some people also mentioned female: can only say general, Zhao Xiaotang’s appearance lines are too harsh, Deyunshe won in the mouth, the other are a level.So far, in addition to the heroine, another actress is also the presence of soy sauce, the majority of the audience’s focus is still on the deyun Society’s men.We don’t know if that will change, but one thing is for sure: to follow the show, many fans have signed up for membership on the platform.So far, the popularity of online broadcasting platform ranks the third in the hot broadcast list and the first in the soaring list. Such achievements should not be purely due to the contribution of Deyun fans, but also the audience has their own judgment.In short, most of the team chasing drama and urging more, there should be many passers-by audience right?