Would you rather be a university teacher than a civil servant after graduation?The reason is pretty realistic

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With the development of The Times, the job hunting problem of college graduates has become a top priority, either the recruitment threshold is too high, or some conditions in the post they are not satisfied with.In this way, the fresh graduates who have advantages become former students, and then go to compete with the fresh graduates. The pressure of finding a job is bound to be very big, and the college students and undergraduates have little advantage in this competition.Therefore, in order to improve their own strength, many students choose to participate in the postgraduate entrance examination. In China, graduate students belong to the highest degree, and the number of graduate students is relatively small. Under the same conditions, graduate students will have more advantages than undergraduates and junior college students.What about post-graduate development?Some people will say that they will take an examination of civil servants first after graduate students, not only the competition is small, and graduate students are more conducive to competition.It seems that many college students now also have some kind of obsession with civil servants, always want to try such a job, they should also be attracted by the benefits of civil servants.But in fact, after graduate school, they would rather go to college to become a college teacher than to take the civil servant exam. The reason is quite realistic, and the comparison will soon become obvious.Why do most students prefer to be university teachers rather than civil servants after graduation?Compared with civil servants, the work of university teachers is still very relaxed, the work pressure is small, university teachers are the real implementation of “flexible work”, and civil servants nine to five compared with a big advantage.Besides, college teachers have holidays every year, so they can have more time to rest and spend time with their families.Especially now many people especially like the job of college counselors, the working environment is good, in the hearts of students is also very “status”.On the other hand, the salary of civil servants includes many subsidies, but the overall salary level is not very high, while the salary of university teachers is better than that of civil servants.University teachers have basic salary, class fee, plus all kinds of welfare bonus, scientific research funds and so on is the salary income of university teachers.And we all know that civil servants’ salaries increase with promotion, but the path to promotion is very difficult.To stand out in the ranks of civil servants, students need to have enough strength, connections and seniority.But college teachers have less to think about and less pressure.College teachers just teach students well in class, and don’t worry as much after class as primary and middle school teachers. Therefore, college teachers are better on the whole.After graduate school, we still have to work hard, not too ambitious even if graduate school, also may not be in the employment competition according to the absolute advantage, many 985 key college graduates of undergraduate students, strength still can not be underestimated.Therefore, I hope that when looking for a job, graduate students should consider the future development, make a good plan, pay more attention to employment information, but also can build a good relationship with the tutor, which is conducive to the accumulation of contacts, and even can find a job with the help of the tutor.Postgraduates should pay attention to their attitude after work, many postgraduates think that their education is outstanding, “superior”, which will consume everyone’s good impression, work or to work hard.If you are in the unit of graduate students are few, the leadership will inevitably give some attention, good training, but as a new person still have a lot of things to learn, keep a modest and low-key style, we will work more relaxed.At the same time, it can also have a good interpersonal relationship, so that in the process of getting along with leaders and colleagues, the relationship is more harmonious and harmonious, which is more conducive to the future development.Finally, I would like to say that there are practical reasons why many students would rather be university teachers than civil servants after graduation. It is understandable that some students take the postgraduate entrance exam just to find a good job.But after graduation, college students want to be engaged in what industry, it is best to prepare in advance, but also to recognize their own strength.Don’t think you can have a better development with a higher degree. Many students can’t be entrusted with important tasks because of their own lack of ability.And their own ability and everyone’s learning during the school has a lot to do with, some students feel that their postgraduate entrance examination ashore is enough, as long as they can mix to the diploma, nothing else, it is this kind of mentality that leads to everyone is not serious about learning.However, we should know that education is important but more important is that we have ability. If the ability is not enough, no matter how excellent the education background is, it will not be valued, and students’ future employment prospects will be even more bleak.Therefore, whether you are in college or in graduate school, you should study hard and do not be delayed by other things. Only by learning can we make more progress and have more and better opportunities and development.In addition to learning, we can also enrich our other aspects, such as improving our social skills, strengths and advantages, etc., which will become more useful to us.Today’s topic: Which do you prefer, a university teacher or a civil servant?Welcome to discuss with us.