China supports Argentina’s claim to malvinas, UK protests, UK do you respect China?

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China and Argentina issued a joint statement on February 6, in which China reaffirmed its support for Argentina’s claim to the Malvinas Islands (falkland Islands) and Argentina reaffirmed its support for the one-china principle.In response to the above statement, the UK rejected it on February 6 and demanded that China and Arab states respect the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.”The UK rejects any claim to sovereignty over the Falkland Islands,” British Foreign Secretary Mark Truss tweeted in response.The Falklands are part of the British family and we will defend their right to self-determination. China must respect the sovereignty of the Falklands.”China has all along supported Argentina’s sovereignty over the Malvinas and called for the two sides to start negotiations as soon as possible and resolve the dispute through peaceful means.At present, Argentine President Fernandez is in China to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and conduct economic and trade exchanges with China.During the visit, the two sides pledged to strengthen economic cooperation and signed a memorandum of understanding on Argentina’s participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.On February 5, Fernandez also visited the Chairman MAO Memorial Hall and laid a wreath.Argentina argues that the Falklands were unlawfully seized in 1833 by British colonialists who forcibly took control of them from Argentina through violence.Britain still occupies the islands, but Argentina has never stopped claiming them.China’s support for Argentina is not simply due to friendly relations between China and Argentina, but to Argentina’s reasonable claim of sovereignty over the Malvinas islands.The Channel between the two main islands of the archipelago was first discovered by the British in 1690, and it was named “Falkland Strait”, calling the islands “Falkland Islands”.Later, the British and French settled on the island.The Falkland Islands consists of two large islands, east and west, and more than 740 smaller ones, with a total area of about 12,000 square kilometers.In 1766, the French sold east Island to Spain, which then expelled the British from west Island.In 1771, an agreement was reached between Spain and Britain. The British returned to the Western Isles and resettled at Port Egmont, which Spain claimed to retain.In 1774, the British voluntarily withdrew their garrison from the Western Isles.1816 Argentina declares independence, claiming sovereignty over tsushima from Spain and sending officials.But in 1833, Britain sent troops to forcibly occupy the Falklands and drove out almost all the Argentine residents there.Thus began a hundred years of British rule over the Falklands.During this period, successive Argentine governments have not given up the malvinas sovereignty claim.In 1958, the Malvinas issue was brought to the United Nations.The United Nations asked the two countries to negotiate a settlement, but repeated negotiations proved fruitless.In the 1970s, the discovery of oil, gas and other deposits in waters south of the Falklands made negotiations more difficult.”Britain can lose five Northern Ireland, but not one Falkland Islands,” says one British mp.In 1982, Anglo-Afghan relations deteriorated.The two countries eventually went to war in April.In 1982, Argentina was in serious trouble and the president wanted a war to rally the people.At that time, Argentina argued that the Falklands were only about 500 kilometers away from the Argentine mainland as the crow flies, but they were 15,000 kilometers away from the British mainland, so they should belong to Argentina.Argentina’s President also determine if Argentina retake their islands, British troops will not scale thousands miles away, so on April 2, 1982, Argentina launched the code-named “Rosa” Leo plans, recovering of the island, and announced to the world to recover the malvinas islands, south Georgia island, south sandwich islands sovereignty.The British were shocked and sent their fleet to the Malvinas.When Argentina learned that British warships were coming, the Argentine president thought that Mrs. Thatcher would not send troops and would admit the fact, but did not expect that Britain recaptured south Georgia island occupied by Argentine troops on April 25.On May 1, British warplanes bombed Stanley Airport, which was occupied by Argentina, and the two sides engaged in offensive warfare.Stanley was recaptured by the British on 14 June, and 10,000 Argentine soldiers surrendered to the British.The war ended after just 74 days, with 255 British and 649 Argentine soldiers killed and three civilians killed.June 17th Argentine President General Alberto Galtieri resigned.The United States also supported Britain’s quick victory in the Falklands War.At present, Britain occupies the Falklands by military means, but we believe that one day Argentina will get back its sovereignty over the islands.For Britain’s protest, China does not have to take it to heart. Has Britain ever respected China’s sovereignty?Following the US to the South China Sea to stir up trouble, harboring people in Hong Kong, making irresponsible remarks on China’s Xinjiang issue, Hong Kong issue and Taiwan issue…As an old Chinese saying goes, “Courtesy on one side but not on the other”, Let alone China’s support for the side of justice. I hope the UK can understand that.(Well Frog)