Fantasy: be tied by the person bloodletting disfigurement, still be taken phoenix blood

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Everybody is good!It’s time to share with you again. As a big fan of reading, I decided to share my excellent novels with you who also like reading. If you like, please click the bookmark to read.Today to everyone recommend: fantasy: be tied by the person bloodletting disfigurement, still was taken phoenix blood.The first: “quick wear of prince abuse you again” author: the same mystery OF my introduction: the prince of heaven royal highness natural disposition is romantic, touch flower provoke grass, the emperor of heaven in a fit of rage, will him down the mortal world, many world reincarnation, suffer the pain of broken feeling and absolute love.Left secretary life said: the life of the crown prince book…Hard to write!Poor little Si Ling was pushed out as a shield.Into the pit guide: Wuwei map peng scale hair, both hands were tied in the back, deep nest of eyes revealed his decadence at this time, no god of eyes in the house to see the two people, suddenly become ferocious, he shouted: “Weiyuanfeng, I command you put my whole people!”Weiyuanfeng indifferent to see him one eye: “joke, you think you now have what qualifications command me?By the way, I want to inform you that I want your entire Turkic army to be buried with me.”Say that finish he squat down body clamp xia Yan’s lower jaw, ruthlessly way: “include you!”Xia Yan red eyes, faint looking at him, she is like lost soul general murmured: “you never believe me……Never!I wish I had never met you.”Finish the words, she began to cough, blood from the mouth out, dripping into the hands of Weiyuanfeng.Weiyuanfeng suddenly loosen his hand, like how hot the blood in general.See Xia Yan poison hair, Uweitu like crazy laugh, he revenge said: “Weiyuanfeng, I said all the words you can go to check, the avalanche is Xia Yan saved you, everyone gave up, only her hands in the snow to fight the life of digging.”(click below to read for free) the second: “mad princess against heaven” author: Dust Mu Mu introduction: Blood wei, everyone heard of color change mercenary king.Ling Xuewei, was fiance break off marriage, was sister calculated, Ling fu everyone hated waste once through, blood wei with research base and super computer ling Fu waste, from then on open the road of reverse attack.Into the pit guide: national teacher adult is her dream lover, Ling Xuesi dream to marry Gu Yunqing.However, Gu Yunqing is not ling Xue Wei Ling Xue si.Ling Xuesi jealous Ling Xuewei jealous to death, not easy to wait until Ling Xuewei’s three Yin tendons were destroyed.This is Ling Xuewei can marry the biggest rely on the master.Ling Xuesi originally thought that the master will abandon Ling Xuewei immediately, but she waited for a long time did not wait for the master break off the marriage.Ling Xuesi was not reconciled.Although she is very clear, even if the master broke off the marriage will not marry her, but she is unable to see Ling Xuewei better than her.Clearly is a useless person, why can marry relegated fairy general master master!So there will be ling Xuewei in the valley of medicine on the way back, was kidnapped drama.Ling Xue si is to thoroughly discredit Ling Xue Wei’s reputation, let her completely lose the qualification to marry the master.But Ling Snow’s plan failed.(click below free reading) the third: “fairy cure evil phoenix: waste four young lady” author: the world long song introduction: fantasy: be tied by the person bloodletting disfigurement, still be taken phoenix blood.She, modern ghost cure door door Lord, everybody hears the wind of fear of mixed world witch, cure poison double must, wake up to discover by the person tied bloodletting, not only was destroyed appearance, more was taken phoenix blood.Into the pit guide: Gu Changning see each other even Xiao Qian mo are not in the eye, is also a zheng zheng, chest not surging up a burst of anger, anger to drink aloud: “wanton!How dare you speak to the Desert like that!Do you know who he is? He…”Is today’s most favored three prince son!Before the last six words were spoken, Gu Yunchu’s cold voice interrupted him, “I don’t want to know who he is, and I have no interest at all. In addition, can you stop barking in front of me?Listen, I’ve got a headache…””You…”Gu Changning was once again angry livid, mouth mercilessly twitching, chest severe ups and downs, if not self-knowledge strength as the other side, she would have shot her kill ten times nine times!The girl’s clear and indifferent voice rang through xiao Qian Mo’s ears, his face instantly dark up, eyes could not help but a sense of loss, the original she disdain to know who they are…It was the first time anyone had ever bothered to know his name…Gu Yunchu no longer pay attention to Xiao Qian Mo, but from the hands of the boy took the purple jade needle, will be put into the fingers of the ring.Gu Changning facial expression instant change, the space accept ring?(Click below to read for free if you like, remember to follow me.If you have good novels, you can share them in the comments. I will recommend them to you from time to time. Let’s read some books and relax ourselves.Abuse: “you say love so hurt at the moment he found her body heart abuse: to save brother marry blind limp, Yin malicious violence do not rise less again the next princess counter attack, if king dare again on the bed, waiting for you is a paper of divorce” sick jiao men of god of love, because a lollipop she broke into his world was possessed with his abuse:Because she fell in love with someone she shouldn’t love, she became a lame ugly duckling to be laughed at