Nanjing Jiangbei New District: The beginning is sprint!Look at the 2022 starting posture of the new district

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At the beginning of the New Year, Zhongjizhi Pharmaceutical (Nanjing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. announced the completion of A round of 110 million yuan financing.New District tiger year “good start” year order easy, Huazhang new.Since the year of the Tiger, the development of the new area has played a new chapter.On the first day of the New Year, jiangbei New District is full of new hope and new vitality.Along with the symphony music of the recovery of all things, the new area ushered in the boom of construction. Research and Innovation Park, Biomedical Valley and other parks are bustling with people, showing a thriving atmosphere.With a one-year plan in spring, jiangbei New Area, based on the new stage of development, is stepping up to take the lead and open new bureau, steadily promoting the resumption of enterprise projects, optimizing the layout of the business environment, accelerating the upgrading of industrial platform services, and striving for the new take-off of industrial economy.To start!Seize the opportunity to show the innovative vitality of the new District.In the Spring Festival holiday just past, in addition to the full blessing of the Spring Festival, jiangbei New Area, this hot land, also surging a different force.From the staff to the enterprise, and then from the enterprise to the park, the footsteps of progress never stop, the New Year’s development buds are about to break through the ground.Before the festival, zhongke super precision “Kylin Knife” innovation technology Industrial Park completed the acceptance of the main plant.In order to ensure that the construction can be started as soon as possible after the New Year, and speed up the construction so that it can be put into use, the workers on site gave up this rare holiday and took the initiative to undertake the preparation work.”The key is not to delay construction!”Site staff said.The Diyang Medical Laboratory, a subsidiary of Nanjing Diji Biotechnology Co., which launched the omicron virus test kit late last year, set up an “epidemic prevention team” during the Spring Festival.Borrow the technical advantages of enterprises, they rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention, for countless people to provide the nucleic acid test report.In order to win opportunities in the New Year’s economic development and seize the key points at the beginning of the New Year, all industrial parks have been adhering to the principle of “both epidemic prevention and control” and the resumption of work and production. They have carried out prevention and control of key links such as health monitoring of employees returning to work and control of imported goods in advance, escorting the safe and rapid resumption of work for enterprises.Up to now, all industrial parks in the new Area have fully started the “resumption of work” mode, with the resumption of work and production rate of biomedical valley enterprises and their employees’ arrival rate both exceeding 75%, and the resumption of work and production rate of industrial technology research and innovation park enterprises reaching 80%.It is this from the whole chain, multi-directional adherence to the start and seize the opportunity, helped the new area industry strong start, speed up the New Year economic sprint.On February 7th, the first day of the start of the Year of the Tiger, Zhongjizhi Pharmaceutical (Nanjing) Biotechnology Co., LTD., which focuses on the field of classical gene therapy, announced that it had completed the A round financing of 110 million yuan during the Spring Festival, which ushered in A “good start” for the bio-pharmaceutical industry in the new District and added another member of the “100 million yuan financing club”.Hard work, hard to start.The acceleration of the resumption of work and production will gather the strength of development, let the innovation vitality bloom with the beautiful spring scenery, and create more miracles in the new area.Speed up!Improving the business environment will drive development. Fish are happy when water is deep and cities are strong.Jiangbei New Area, as a representative of innovation, has made practical and expanded efforts to optimize the business environment and guarantee service quality with institutional innovation. More than 70% of the results of institutional innovation are the first in the province and China, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs and attract enterprises to take root and grow here.”Jiangbei New Area is a ‘good place’ for entrepreneurship and wealth creation because of its’ internationally compliant business environment and best services’.”At the 2022 Jiangbei New Area Urban development Summit Forum, luo Qun, deputy secretary of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress and full-time Deputy Secretary of the Jiangbei New Area Party Working Committee, said.Jiangbei New Area aims to build a state-level new area with “the highest management efficiency, the best service level and the lowest operating cost”.In 2021, the new District will take the lead in upgrading the administrative approval efficiency from “2330” to “1230”, and promote the new approval mode of “credit + commitment” for construction projects.The province took the lead in implementing the “one business one certificate” examination and approval mode;Construction of the country’s first legal park and so on.A high-quality business environment is never an empty talk. The New District has provided concrete measures to improve the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship by giving full play to the cross-cycle and counter-cycle adjustment function of public finance.Multi-dimensional reduction of enterprise tax, epidemic, process burden, and the implementation of various measures to reduce taxes and fees and the city’s “Ten Ninghui” policy, to speed up the implementation of the ten measures to help the stable development of enterprises in the new Area;We will set up a fund for the development of free trade zones to promote institutional innovation and pilot pilot free trade zones, minimize market access barriers and institutional transaction costs, and facilitate business services.Provide tracking services for key industrial projects and do a good job in cultivating various enterprises.Formulate the key project plan of the “Double Hundred Project” and issue the Implementation Plan for The High-quality Utilization of Industrial Land in Jiangbei New Area;To help enterprises improve the quality and efficiency of development, we will hold seminars on the appeal of enterprises in regulated industries, publicity and implementation of policies benefiting enterprises in small ascending regulations, and special training on policies benefiting enterprises.We will promote the implementation of fiscal and financial guidance policies and promote the integrated development of finance and the real industry.Relying on the platform of state-owned enterprises in the new District, using the guide fund for the development of the industry of good and foot;We will continue to give full play to the role of government financing guarantee enterprises in boosting credit, work with government-managed financing guarantee and re-guarantee institutions to set up a 100 million yuan “New innovation and financing · Park Insurance” program, and implement policies to guarantee financing and cut fees for small and micro businesses.We will promote the integration of territorial financial institutions with state-owned capital, speed up the development of industry and finance centers, provide enterprises with life-cycle financing services, and encourage enterprises to use private capital to grow stronger.Nests attract phoenixes, flowers and butterflies will come.In 2022, Jiangbei New Area will provide a driving “acceleration package” for the continuous optimization of the business environment with stronger determination and boldness, stimulate the enthusiasm and vitality of enterprises for entrepreneurship and innovation, and gather the driving force and synergy to support high-quality economic development.Run!Industrial power is involved in planning the future of the near future.At the “First meeting of the New Year” on February 6, Luo Qun proposed many measures on how to build jiangbei New Area with high standards and take the lead in the new development stage.Among them, “grasping the construction of major platforms” is the top priority of key technological breakthroughs and the acceleration of leading industries.As a hot land for innovation integrating the advantages of “superposition of two districts”, Jiangbei New Area has always focused on key industries of “two cities and one center”, continuously expanding the scale of advanced manufacturing clusters such as integrated circuits and biomedicine, and accelerating the agglomeration of modern service industry represented by new finance.The continuous industrial innovation ecology needs to gather a large number of talents and resources, and the establishment of a platform is the bridge connecting everything.Since its establishment, Jiangbei New Area has actively integrated “industry-university-research”, and built a number of industrial platforms, such as biomedical public service platform, Gene and Cell Laboratory, and Nanjing Integrated Circuit Industry Service Center, centering on high-quality development.Since it was put into operation in October last year, the Gene and Cell Laboratory has become an important public platform to gather innovative resources in the field of biomedicine in the New District and even in Nanjing, and to promote technological innovation in major diseases, gene technology and cell diagnosis and treatment.Based on new starting point in the New Year, the laboratory will be geared to the needs of the innovation resources at home and abroad to carry out the project recruitment, recruitment of cutting-edge technology projects to build cell therapy technology, compound optimization, drug delivery, drug quality control and other related professional generic technology platform, through the basic research and applied into the last one kilometer “, original power in the domestic field of biomedical technology corner overtaking.Similarly, nanjing IC Industry Service Center is the backbone of the new district’s high-quality construction of “Chip City”.In 2022, the national “Xinfire Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform” will strive to improve professional service resources and capabilities, create a small professional service ecosystem with the idea of platform ecological construction, adopt an innovation model oriented by enterprise needs, promote efficient sharing of state-owned integrated circuit instruments in new areas, and build a batch of high-level open sharing laboratories…Finally, the integration of technical services and talent services will be formed.Focus on the key, innovation and solid work.Focus on the construction of industrial platform, focus on the development of unwavering, pay close attention to technology does not relax, the New Year, the leading industry will be on a new level.