Paris Olympic Cycle where does Li Yingying go?CAI Bin or can reuse, Zhu Ting or for its escort

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As we all know, during the Paris Olympic Games, we believe that The Chinese women’s volleyball team will strive for good results to get rid of the failure in Tokyo Olympic Games, so what can guarantee good results?Xiaobian believes that the ability to take the initiative in the main attack must be strong (China women’s Volleyball team is the main attack team), so what should Li Yingying, who has made rapid progress recently and can take the lead in the main attack position, do?The following small editor also want to express their own views.Above all, CAI Bin or can reuse Li Yingying.As we all know, after CAI Bin was appointed as the head coach of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, the majority of fans always believed that CAI Bin would choose the members of the Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team.But as he said in an interview, a Chinese women’s volleyball team will be formed with a mix of senior, junior and senior players, so there will be more opportunities for many young players, including Li Yingying.We know that Li Yingying, who was discovered during the Tokyo Olympic Cycle, has always been controversial with the majority of fans. Some fans believe that she can carry heavy responsibilities and show the grace of the king on the court, while others believe that she is not able to compete with boskovic, Aganu and other strong offensive ability.But throughout the Paris Olympic cycle, the offensive burden should fall on her.With the increase of age, Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning are mainly guaranteed in the competition. Therefore, Zhu Ting (or Zhang Changning) may escort her in the competition. Li Yingying is most likely to play the main attack position, while Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning will play the small main attack position.Is really know, think about three years for a major training and can’t work for a long time, but advances in Li Yingying speed, Paris Olympics her spiking technique must be more strong, she also can flexible use of his left hand on the field attack characteristics, even if the drop shot point is not high, but the points ability will be very strong.So what do you think of Li yingying’s prospects in the Paris Olympic cycle?I am HongKong HongKong chat women’s volleyball team, want to know more about the latest information of women’s volleyball tournament, then follow me.