Girl’s A4 waist, swan neck or fake?How many do you know?Boy: Cheated

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Guide language: in our daily life, the boy that likes to go shopping should notice the every schoolgirl that meets to see again very perfect, they seem to be perfect, and temperamental makeup look, figure is very outstanding, a window on the world, a lot of schoolgirls are in the life really also maintain this figure all the time.In our circle of friends most people find that both show a figure and show the all parts of the body, they are all very perfect, a lot of people envy the girls in the circle of friends show figure, feel every part can’t take it out to others, and some people is very perfect, don’t pick at fault, actually really?In fact, a lot of girls in life shape and appearance is not perfect, but they use photograph technology, their own defects are perfect skip, only show their own advantages and strengths to come out, this leads to we see some illusion, below we have the form of comic with all of you to look at, what are the illusion.Girl’s A4 waist, swan neck or fake?How many do you know?Boy: CheatedIn fact, every girl has their own troubles, despite the seemingly unlimited scenery, but behind the difficulties and suffering only oneself know, but a lot of girls in order to win others admiration to hurt yourself, in fact, it need not to do so, care about your people will only pay attention to your body are healthy, want to always meticulous care of you,Instead of picking on your various flaws, what do you think?