Golden Sheep comments: “Chinese lantern” meets “European fairy tale”, cultural confidence permeates the world

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In addition to athletes from all over the world who fought hard, broke through themselves and challenged their limits, the cultural “Chinese imprint” was also wonderful.When “Chinese lantern” meets “European fairy tale”, when the Winter Olympics meets the Spring Festival, the colors of “Chinese red” and “ice and Snow White” are intertwined, blossoming into a charming “hundred gardens” with diverse civilizations of the world.A splendid Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games left a deep impression on the world.Despite all the time, people still remember the amazing moments of the opening ceremony.If the rich cultural “China seal” of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics gave the world an all-round understanding of China and the past and present life of Chinese civilization, then the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics showed the world China’s cultural confidence even more.The rich and colorful elements of “Chinese style” and the cultural interaction with the world further demonstrate the inclusive beauty of the “hundred gardens” of world civilization.When “China red” meets “ice and Snow White”, it is destined to rub out a more splendid cultural spark.Red lanterns, Chinese knots, Chinese blessings and other Elements of the Spring Festival can be seen everywhere from the Olympic venue to the venue. The Chinese New Year is a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Event for the world to enjoy and feel the strong flavor of China.Sports competition and Chinese traditional culture collided with a full cup, Chinese culture confidence brimming on the world stage.”Happy New Year!When people from all over the world met on the streets of Beijing and sent sincere blessings in Chinese to the people who have been quietly contributing to the Winter Olympics, the truth of the world knowing each other and staying together touched people’s hearts and became the most charming annotation of cultural integration.As the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Spring Festival contains the essence of traditional Chinese culture.The perfect combination of Chinese traditional culture and sports culture shows the charm of Chinese culture in innovation and creativity.For several days in a row, “ice pier pier” hot “circle”.Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, is popular all over the world, reflecting the deep popularity of Chinese culture.The national treasure giant panda and traditional red lanterns have been artisically transformed into the charming mascots “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong”, leaving a unique impression on the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The “national style” uniforms of the Olympic team, the winter Olympics MEDALS like concentric circles…On the big stage of the Winter Olympics, the “Chinese wind” held up the “Olympic style”, and the Oriental civilization and the Olympic spirit reflected each other in a square inch.The “garden of a hundred” of world civilization will be more splendid and brilliant only when a hundred flowers bloom in full bloom.A piece of “ice and snow” holds up the dream of the world.From “ME” to “us”, the world competition in the Winter Olympics has a greater significance in the integration and interaction of world civilizations.As an important carrier of sportsmanship, the Olympic Games is a unique name card of sportsmanship. The Olympic tradition of “sacred truce” has also made unique contributions to world peace.There is no doubt that the New Year’s sports exchanges and world communication will bring a rare opportunity to overcome the estrangement and “hard ice”.Ice and snow, the world pageant, The Chinese New Year, full of friends, the Winter Olympics “big photo” quota of wonderful moments, the world played hand in hand to the future of unity symphony.Culture is the most warm and moist people.”Chinese lantern” meets “European fairy tale”, not only has the top-level close communication, but also has the warm embrace of the people. The “Winter Olympics date” and “New Year’s Party” has injected full of positive energy into the world.(Golden Sheep website/Zhou Jun) Editor: White tea