How about fanchuan Park, Liuqing Memorial Hall and Hejiaying Drum and music integration?

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Where do chang ‘an people like to go in their leisure time?I think Weichenan, near hejiaying Bridge, should be a popular place for leisure and entertainment.There were parks on both sides of the bridge, as well as flowing YU River. Looking at the park, standing on the river bank, taking a walk and broadcasting live, the yu yu was very popular.The site near Hejiaying Bridge is relatively open, and it is close to the south station of Subway Line 2. To the south is the south area of university Town.There are fan Chuan Park, He Jiaying Drum Music, Liuqing Memorial Hall and Drum Music Square around the bridge, which can accommodate more people and are very popular places for people to go.Standing on the bridge, you can enjoy the yu River scenery. To the south of hejiaying Bridge, to the east is Fanchuan Park, and to the south is Liuqing Square and Liuqing Memorial Hall.Fan Chuan Park is a popular online park, known as “Xi ‘an Little Sanya”, leisure and entertainment is very hot.Liuqing Square is relatively less popular, but it is also very good. There is a calligraphy gallery and you can visit liuqing Memorial Hall.Liuqing Square is opposite he Jiaying Drum music, after visiting Liuqing Square, you can go to the opposite side of the road to visit He Jiaying Drum Music club.He Jiaying drum music originated from the Sui and Tang Dynasties and was listed on UNESCO’s Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage list of Humanity in 2009.I think he Jiaying Drum music Club can be open for visitors to visit, there can be interpreters to explain, open to visitors all day.There are also many people who sing, dance and keep fit in guyue Square.Because the vicinity of Hejiaying Bridge is very open, there are rivers, parks and squares, there are many leisure options, there are many people, it is a place where residents like to go for leisure.