Qi Rich cast gu: I want to ride the wind to return, but I fear jade house!

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01 market analysis for the market, excessive analysis is a blasphemy!That adds up to 16 words.When the road turns, the constant letter comes.Cycle to and fro, born to the sun.Peak turn – has fallen from the early stage, into the mid – term up stage.Unitrust Tai Lai – social finance day, currency barometer of China’s stock market.Cycle – core assets gradually in place – wind, light, storage, lithium.On the upside – a new round of upside is expected to start – policy bottom, market bottom.Trend: The same chart from February 14, triple bottom, early uptrend, chaos stage.Remember we quoted the Ming dynasty yesterday inside a sentence: the Yellow River for the river, the Yangtze river water is clear, the Yellow River water turbidity, the Yangtze River in the flow, the Yellow River is also in the flow!The ancients cloud, saint out, Yellow River qing!But when has the Yellow River ever been clear?The water of the Yangtze river irrigates the fields of several provinces along its banks!Water from the Yellow River also irrigates the fields along the banks of several provinces!Can only not because of the water and partial use, nor because of turbidity and partial waste!Since ancient times!For the present investment is a kind of I want to ride the wind to return, and fear the feeling of qionglou Yuyu, today see dish high boom rises, go after new energy, tomorrow preference value stocks.Down for a period of time, neither grasp the opportunity of infrastructure valuation correction, nor grasp the opportunity of the bottom of the middle of the high boom.Because the current value stocks and growth stocks alternate, the switch is very fast.Value growth, complement each other, not blindly neglect, grow into a spear, value as the key.Old infrastructure at the bottom of a rising trend, there is a short-term return average demand, high growth stocks have entered the middle of the bottom turning range, mainly wind, light, storage, lithium.There is an order, that’s all.Background: In January, the daily volume of social finance, new RMB loans of 3.98 trillion yuan, a new high in a single month, compared with December 2021 and the same period of last year, an increase of 2.85 trillion yuan and 394.4 billion yuan respectively.Central mama clear attitude, from the scale, has been similar to the effect of four trillion in history.Impact: The central bank aims to stimulate economic development by releasing water, but the current gap between M1 and M2 scissors continues to increase, indicating that the consumer demand side is still shrinking. According to historical experience, in this case, asset prices rise significantly.The stock market is also an important part of the top-level design. It is expected that the stock market will not be absent from the effect of this round of 4 trillion yuan.2, strategy: the current market, especially growth track stocks after a round of adjustment, is facing a very good opportunity to enter the dawn.We have two basic allocation directions for the stock market this year, one is high business and high growth track stocks, the second is the reversal of the difficulties of consumer services.High business and high growth track stocks, take new energy vehicles as an example, the current global penetration rate is less than 10%, according to estimates before the penetration rate reaches 30%, the so-called valuation pressure of the whole industry plate can be resolved through growth.Clean energy take pv as an example, the industry space still has 7-10 times the expansion space.Dilemma reversal service consumption industry, the risk has been completely cleared, the epidemic into the tail case, configuration value is rare.Bottom line: a new round of monetary easing will give the stock market a clear chance to rebound.This opportunity from the point of view of investment is a rare macro opportunity, belonging to the beta opportunity.If we use alpha stock selection strategy, we believe that the track stock and service consumption will become the core of the market main line.Risk Note: The contents of this article are for reference only, and in no case shall the information and opinions in this article constitute investment advice for any person.Readers shall make their own judgment on whether to use the content and information contained in this article and assume their own risks based on their own investment objectives and financial status. The Company and its employees shall not be liable for any consequences arising from readers’ use of this article and its content.”The stock market is risky, investment should be cautious”!