SUV Family class car ceiling, Tuyue 2021 330TSI four-wheel drive flagship edition??

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As a family car certainly large space, car does not conform to this point.Can only choose SUV models, there is no lack of SUV models have a good choice, today to bring you tuyue 2021 330TSI four-wheel drive flagship version is a good choice, let’s take a look at tuyue 2021 330TSI four-wheel drive flagship version what magic it has.The appearance of Tuyue 2021 330TSI four-wheel drive flagship edition adopts rock-cutting Rock carving design concept. The front of the car looks quite tough. A waist line running through the car is matched with the skirt line surrounding the bottom, and the black edge is quite powerful.LED near and far light and lens structure bring better lighting effect.225/50R 18-inch tires, non-full-size spare tire specifications.The rear part, The English logo, the nameplate of the model version, all moved down to the bottom of the rear, full of three-dimensional feeling.The interior adopts Volkswagen’s classic T-shaped layout, 10.2-inch all-digital LCD instrument displays exquisite appearance, and 9.2-inch central control screen, equipped with SAIC Volkswagen smart car connection system, improves human-computer interaction.Mobile phone interconnection support Carplay, CarLife, original interconnection/mapping, voice recognition support multimedia, navigation, telephone.The system also brings app store functionality, which enriches drivers and passengers’ leisure time.Power Tuyuk 2021 330TSI four-wheel drive flagship edition, in the length of 4453mm wide 1841mm high 1632mm wheelbase 2680mm car body carrying a 2.0L displacement transverse L4 turbocharged engine.DOHO gas distribution structure, maximum horsepower 186ps, maximum power 137KW, maximum power speed 1500-4000rpm, maximum torque 320n. m, maximum torque speed 1500-4000rpm, tank volume 56.5L, spare mass 1590kg.Transmission adopts 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission, chassis front suspension McPherson independent suspension, rear suspension multi-link independent suspension.The driving mode is front four-wheel drive, all-time four-wheel drive, electric power, bearing type body structure.Front brake is ventilated disc type, rear brake is disc type, electronic parking, central differential structure is multi-disc clutch.One-button lifting of the whole car glass, anti-clipping of the window, electrically adjusted rearview mirror, rearview mirror heating, electric folding, automatic reversing down, automatic folding lock car, automatic anti-glare of the inner rearview mirror, main and co-pilot makeup mirror with lighting, rainfall sensing wiper.Anti-theft is equipped with engine electronic anti-theft, car control lock, remote key, keyless start, front row keyless entry and so on.Air conditioning, automatic air conditioning, rear air outlet, temperature zoning control, PM2.5 filter device in the car.9.2-inch touch LCD screen, support satellite navigation, navigation road information display, Bluetooth/car phone, support car network, USB charging port, number of ports (two in front/two in back), Beats speaker, 7 speakers.In other safety aspects,Main and co-pilot airbags, front and rear head airbags, front and rear side airbags, tire pressure alarm, unfastened seat belt reminder, ISOFIX child seat interface, ABS, braking force distribution (EBD/CBC), brake assist (EBA/BAS/BA), traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC), body stability control (ESC)/ESP/DSC), parallel assist, active brake/active safety system, fatigue driving alert.Add 95 gasoline, mixed injection oil supply, ⅵ environmental protection standards, aluminum alloy cylinder head, cast iron cylinder body.The controls include front and rear parking radar, reversing image, adaptive cruise, 5 driving modes switch (standard/sport/economy/off-road/snow), automatic parking, engine start and stop, uphill assistance, steep downhill, roof rack, panoramic sunroof that can be opened.Conclusion: The overall design of Tuyue is more athletic and distinctive, which can adapt to a wide range of consumers’ age range. It is worth recommending.Tuyue 2021 330TSI four-wheel drive flagship edition manufacturer guide price 223,800 yuan, different preferential regions, please consult local dealers.