There is a city in Henan province with a permanent population of 6.23 million. People who visit say it is worth a visit.

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A province in central China, there is have to mention, that is in henan province, as a region of the existence of the strongest comprehensive strength, the henan development very rapidly in recent years, regardless of economic or other known areas, the province has achieved good results, it’s GDP has surpassed 5.8 trillion, 2021, 6 trillion small distance, however,As long as Henan maintains the current development trend to continue, it is only a matter of time to achieve, and even further, about this point, I want to seriously understand henan people will not doubt, it can be described as colorful gorgeous, wonderful.Developed economy has produced several cities in henan, zhengzhou is undoubtedly the most dazzling, it is not only the capital of henan, henan province is the political, economic, culture, science and technology, the transportation center, is the center of the main areas of central China city and transportation hub, is the national important manufacturing base, can say, in many ways, zhengzhou play a vital role.Besides Zhengzhou, other cities in Henan are also worthy of recognition. After all, henan’s glory cannot be created by zhengzhou alone. It must be the result of the joint efforts and hand in hand of all cities.Henan’s ability is beyond doubt, and its tourism industry is more colorful. Its long history and rich resources make it extraordinary, which makes Henan successfully become one of the hot tourism provinces in China, attracting tourists from all over the country, but also won a good reputation.We know that There are many interesting places in Henan, after all, its heritage is placed there, naturally is different, today we are going to introduce you is such a city, it has amazing scenery and thick folk customs, its name must be many people will not be unfamiliar, it is we know xinyang city.Located in the south of Henan province, Xinyang is an important channel for economic and cultural exchanges in central China. It is also a strategic location between Jianghuai river and Han River. It is an important platform for foreign exchanges and cooperation of Henan Province.Xinyang is adjacent to Anhui Province in the east and hubei Province in the south, between the northern foot of dabie Mountains and the upper reaches of the Huaihe River. The city covers a total area of 18,900 square kilometers, with a permanent population of 6.23 million in 2020. It is a city with a relatively large population, which I think those who have compared know.Xinyang is known as the “Capital of Hairy tips”. The hairy tips produced by xinyang are well known nationwide for their high quality. Meanwhile, Xinyang is also a livable city in China.It has been successively awarded the honorary titles of “China’s Most happy City”, “National Health City”, “National Model City for Double Support”, “National Garden City”, “China’s Top Ten Green Economy Cities”, “National Ecological Demonstration City”, “National Green Model City” and so on.In terms of economy, Xinyang is also doing well. Its GDP in 2021 has reached 306.496 billion yuan. Although it is not the brightest in the province, it has great potential.Leaving other aside, xinyang is a beautiful and rich city, good climate and excellent ecological environment has produced xinyang, makes it become one of the important tourism cities in the province, has brought together on the vast land jigong mountain scenic area, south bay lake, lingshan, gold orchid mountain, pool, big Su Shan, large and small, high quality, such as national forest park, tourist attractions,Each of them is so charming, if you are lucky enough to travel to Xinyang, you must have a good look at these places, I believe they will not disappoint you, you will understand the meaning of “worth seeing” four words.Want to know more exciting content, come to follow Zhang SAN said tourism