In the short term, most of Gansu province will be mainly cloudy and sunny weather, with light snow (rain) in the south.

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As the saying goes, “The sky in March is like the face of a child”, the pattern of “spring is like the four seasons” is played in a loop. The temperature rises and falls obviously, and the cold air is also repeated.This is not, the provinces and cities of the weather bureau issued the news, in the short term, most of the province with sunny and cloudy weather, southerly areas with light snow (rain) embellished, friends or flexible dressing, reasonable arrangements for life.According to the latest meteorological observation data, it is expected that tomorrow night to April 1 in the daytime, Gannan, Longnan two cities overcast, local light rain (snow) or sleet;The rest of the province is sunny and cloudy, with light snow in the eastern qilian mountains.On March 30th, it was cloudy in our city with the temperature between 7℃ and 17℃.On March 31, it was cloudy in our city, and the temperature was between 9℃ and 15℃.April 1, our city is cloudy weather, the temperature between 6℃ to 13℃.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Teng Xiaohong reporter Teng Xiaohong responsible editor: Wang Huiwen