The first four satellites of the Hainan Satellite Constellation will be launched in Wenchang in the near future

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Sanya, Jan. 28 ( — The first four satellites of hainan Satellite Constellation will be launched from wenchang Space Launch Site, hainan Daily reported on Jan. 28.The four satellites are “Hainan No.1” 01 and “02” and “Wenchang no.1” 01 and “02” respectively. They have the characteristics of “made in Hainan, developed in Hainan and used in Hainan”, and will effectively help the development of commercial spaceflight in Hainan.The four satellites were jointly developed by the Hainan Research Institute of The Academy of Space And Space Information of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a number of enterprises in the Sanya Zhongke Remote Sensing Information Industrial Park.”Hainan no.1″ 01, “Wenchang no.1” 01 and “02” 01 are tiny satellites integrating earth remote sensing and ship AIS collection, which are mainly used for remote sensing imaging of Hainan and sea areas around hainan Province.Hainan 1 02 is a high-resolution earth observation micro-satellite, which mainly completes earth imaging observations and has working modes of push and sweep and video imaging.After satellite orbit, through 4 satellite network, every day can obtain satellite remote sensing data in our province, hainan in natural resources, agriculture, forestry, Marine environment, Marine navigation, emergency rescue at sea and fishery information service in key areas such as spatial data requirements, effective service in ocean protection, fishery production, natural resources investigation and other fields.”We want to find a in hainan cultivation incubation satellite design, assembly, commercial launching rockets and satellite data to the application of commercial space development path, then in hainan to build a complete commercial space ecological industrial chain, promote is characterized by large satellite data applications of space information industry development in hainan, can free trade port in hainan construction.”Said Yang Tianliang, executive director of Hainan Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences And Chairman of Sanya Zhongke Remote Sensing Information Industrial Park Investment Co., LTD.Source: Hainan Daily client