What does social work experience mean

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Social work division work experience points to what: enter oneself for an examination social work division among the conditions can have the requirement that working experience asks to be engaged in social work.The common content of social work includes two aspects.They are grassroots public services, public undertakings and social work.The following is an analysis of the work experience that social workers should have from these two aspects.Grass-roots public service utility: public service includes surface is wide, including village, rc, civil affairs bureau, street agency, service center, volunteer service class society, the Chinese youth volunteer association, etc., these jobs are mainly services for special groups, solve various difficult life, for grass-roots workers daily help.Click the mini program button to download free test preparation materials and highlights for social workers
Social work content: The work content of social work division is mainly centered on serving special groups, including the elderly, the disabled, women, children and so on.Examples include public services in rural or urban communities, health services for the elderly, social work for women, children’s welfare and social work for the disabled.To serve different groups, we need to master different work content and skills.But these jobs have something in common.Social workers are required to have relevant work experience and to understand the concepts of teaching and learning and psychology.The reason why candidates for examination of social work division with relevant work experience, because candidates only have work experience, can understand the substance of social work division, social work division nature and so on, to be able to obtain social work division qualification certificate in a short time.