Hangzhou will temporarily close 13 toll stations to strengthen access control

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At the press conference.Hangzhou, April 8 (CHINanews.com) — Hangzhou has reported 17 separate outbreaks of COVID-19 since April 1, with a total of 35 positive cases, according to a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in the city.The city will temporarily close 13 toll stations with low traffic from 10 am on April 10 to strengthen the inspection and control of entrances to Hangzhou.According to Wang Xuchu, deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission, eight new asymptomatic cases were reported between 0 and 15 PM on April 8, including four in Yuhang District, two in Jiande city, one in Shangcheng District and one in Xihu District.From 0:00 on April 1 to 15:00 on April 8, hangzhou reported a total of 4 local confirmed cases (3 of which turned from asymptomatic to infected), including 3 mild cases and 1 ordinary case.There are now 31 asymptomatic infected persons.According to Wang xuchu, the current outbreak in Hangzhou is characterized by multiple and frequent outbreaks, and new cases have been reported every day since April 1, showing an increasing trend.Based on the comprehensive judgment of epidemiological investigation and genetic sequencing of the virus, the source of this outbreak is relatively clear, but complex and diverse.The 35 positive cases belonged to 17 separate outbreaks and all belonged to the evolutionary branch of omicron mutant BA.2.Among them, 1 case was caused by exposure to foreign goods, 1 case was imported from outside the province, 2 cases were infected outside the province, and 31 of the other 13 cases were related to key areas of the epidemic in other provinces.Among the 17 cases, 5 cases had secondary cases, mainly in close contact with family members and friends, and most cases were detected through active screening.In the next step, Hangzhou will further strengthen the inspection and control of the passage into Hangzhou, implement traffic restrictions on expressways, and refuse to release non-local drivers who have not obtained permits.Wu Zhirong, party member and deputy director of Hangzhou Transport Bureau, introduced that hangzhou has set up 93 key channels into Hangzhou at the exit of expressways, and 40 inspection stations have been set up at national roads, provincial roads and county roads, organized by local governments.Starting at 10 am on April 10, the city will temporarily close 13 toll booths with low traffic.”As the main body of road transport, freight stations, logistics enterprises and production and distribution enterprises should strictly check two codes and one certificate (health code, travel code and negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours) at their entrances and exits. If they do not meet the requirements, they cannot enter or leave.”Wu Zhirong said.At present, there are 150 free detection points on hangzhou expressways, and truck drivers can test for free with their license.Source: Chinanews.com