Ji ‘an Qinghe Town organized and carried out forest fire emergency drills

2022-07-27 0 By

In order to do a good job of forest fire prevention and control work in Qinghe Town, further improve the comprehensive ability to deal with emergencies, enhance the disposal of forest fire and the emergency response ability of the masses.On March 31, Qinghe town organized forestry stations and emergency offices to carry out the 2022 spring forest fire emergency drill in Lively Village.More than 20 people such as town emergency response team and forest rangers were dispatched to the drill.In order to simulate the occurrence of forest fire as the background, the fire alarm and emergency response in the fire fighting and rescue, the gathering of fire fighting forces, the launching of fire fighting action and the clearing of the transferred fire site were demonstrated coherently.On the drill site, all fire-fighting and rescue forces shall quickly assemble and respond to the fire, and use portable wind extinguisher, fire-fighting broom, high-pressure water pump and other fire-fighting equipment to carry out fire-fighting work in a fast, safe and orderly manner.The whole exercise was tense and orderly, which fully demonstrated the rapid response ability and actual combat ability of the emergency response team, and achieved the expected results.After the exercise, village cadres and forest rangers were organized to carry out the publicity of forest fire prevention knowledge to the masses, so that everyone is responsible for forest fire prevention.Comprehensively prevent and control the occurrence of forest fires to ensure the safety of national forest resources and the lives and property of people in forest areas.(Wang Maoxin, Wang Weihua)