Suzhou Science and Technology City “new landmark” ushered in the latest progress

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Recently, the project of “Suzhou Longemont Hotel Group and Conference Center” has pressed the fast forward button.The project has attracted much attention since it was signed and is expected to become a “new landmark” of the tech city.Currently, There are qingshan, Yuansu and Lamborghini ROSSO hotels in Suzhou Science and Technology City. However, the rapid development of economy and industry in Suzhou Science and Technology City puts forward more demands for hotel business facilities.”Dragon dream” project is located in the west of the intersection of Taihu Avenue and Longshan Road, surrounded by software Building, Zhiyuan Building, Jinfeng Center, high-tech Zone sports center, high-grade living community, etc., located in the golden section of Suzhou Science and technology City.The total planning land area of the project is 39943.60 square meters, which is divided into Building 1 hotel, Building 2 apartment hotel and Building 3 conference center. The total number of building 1 hotel is 45 floors, building 2 apartment hotel is 32 floors, building 3 conference center is 4 floors.It is worth mentioning that the project is a collection of three star, four star and five star hotels, including swimming pools, characteristic restaurants, gyms and other talent apartments with hotel-style management, providing comfortable living environment for talents in Suzhou Science and Technology City.The banquet hall is a scarce resource in suzhou, with vast space and no beams and columns.The construction of Suzhou Longemont Project will effectively drive the rapid development of modern service industry in the high-tech zone, promote the gathering of people in the western commercial and residential areas, and enrich high-end hotel facilities in the high-tech zone.Construction is expected to be completed by 2024 and operational by 2025.At present, the “Dragon dream” project construction press the acceleration button, the site construction is in full swing.Up to now, the hotel has been built to two floors above ground (a total of 45 floors), and the structure is expected to be capped in the second half of next year. The talent apartment has been built to three floors above ground (a total of 32 floors), and the ceiling is expected to be capped in the middle of December this year.In addition, banquet hall construction is also advancing.Other promising projects are also on schedule.Xingyue is located in the southwest side of the intersection of Tianyou Road and Kexia Road. The overall construction is about to be completed. Merchants have begun to prepare for the construction, and the personnel of the project property are also in preparation, and will be in place one after another.At present, there are three main stores in Vanguard, Wanda Cinema and Olive Green Movement, and more preferred fashion brands are settling in.Nanjing University Suzhou Campus is located in Taihu Avenue, Suzhou Science and Technology City (next to Zhuangli Mountain), and will be built in stages according to the eastern and western districts. The eastern district covers an area of 326 mu, with a floor area of 320,000 square meters, and is scheduled to be put into use in September 2022.The plan and design adhere to the unity of overall beauty and monomer beauty, architectural beauty and landscape beauty, static beauty and smart beauty, space beauty and time beauty, landscape beauty and cultural beauty, campus beauty and off-campus beauty, highlighting the pursuit of high quality, high characteristics, high appearance level.The fifth experimental kindergarten of science and Technology City is located in the south of the planning land and the west of the green land of Yuping Road. It covers an area of 12,700 square meters and a construction area of 15,500 square meters. The total investment of the project is 110 million yuan.At present, the project is undergoing internal installation and municipal works, and is expected to be put into use in June this year.The fourth Experimental Primary School of Science and Technology City is located in the west of Keats Road and the south of Keling Road, covering an area of 47,000 square meters and a building area of 60,000 square meters. The total investment of the project is 430 million yuan. The design scale is 72 classes of 8 tracks (4 tracks reserved).The project started in February this year, and the project is progressing in an orderly manner.In 2022, suzhou Science and Technology City will have 44 key projects under construction, involving high-tech industry, commerce and education, with a total investment of 56.77 billion yuan and 15.2 billion yuan planned for this year.At present, including the above projects, all projects are carried out as planned.(ke Xiaozhu) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: