Xinghualing District Market Supervision Administration of Taiyuan City shall organize market practitioners to conduct nucleic acid testing

2022-07-27 0 By

On April 8, Taiyuan Xinghualing District Market Supervision Administration Yangjiayu Supervision office organized more than 20 employees of Limin market to complete nucleic acid testing.In order to further implement the COVID – 19 deployment requirements related to the epidemic prevention and control, the yangs valley market supervision of jurisdiction by the number of market practitioners, categories, such as sweeping MoZha, collected to verify personal identity information, establish a unified, complete working parameter, strictly implement the market professionals every half a nucleic acid detection sampling,No less than 10% of the work requirements of each sampling inspection.The head of the institute said that next step, they will organize employees to take nucleic acid samples at designated nucleic acid monitoring sites in batches, by time and in turn.For merchants who fail to complete nucleic acid monitoring as required, the “five uniform risk control measures” will be strictly implemented, the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control will be fulfilled, the position of epidemic prevention and control will be firmly guarded, and the epidemic prevention and control work within the market will be effectively implemented.(Cui Yangyang)