Yunnan five generations of happy together, four “sons” relay call dad, net friends call happiness

2022-07-27 0 By

Guide language: middle-aged man becomes grandson already is ye, how is this one and the same?Let’s take a look.Recently, in Lijiang, Yunnan province, a picture of five generations of a happy family was uploaded to the Internet, attracting a large number of netizens to send blessings.The video shows five people, ranging from one year old to 93, sitting next to each other on a sofa.I saw the smallest child shouted a “dad”, and then left to look at his father, the second should be a, then also turned to shout a “dad”, so relay, until the fifth old man promised, even if already ninety-three years old, but the old man still bright eyes, answer resounding sound.Net friends feel very happy after watching, we have a message blessing, express their views, and send blessings.After all, there are five generations living under one family. One netizen commented: “This is really a blessing. I wish the elderly a long and healthy life.”Another commented: ‘This is what people call a thriving population. Everyone looks happy and happy.’It’s a rare sight in itself, especially since the 93-year-old man looked so energetic as he sat down with his younger peers, with one user joking: ‘The middle man is really both grandson and grandfather.’Attracted many netizens’ praise.See here, xiaobi want to say, no matter what, the family together is happy, as for five generations, that is even more happy, but also the blessing of this family, here the most people feel happy should be their ninety-three years old “ancestor”, I hope grandpa can always be happy.Conclusion: According to the family, grandpa has always been in good health.