Star way LX this is a 100 thousand yuan all-old SUV!

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Most Korean consumers, men and women, young and old, buy a compact SUV with a budget of 100,000 won as their first car.If you choose the joint venture brand, there is less room for choice, configuration makes people speechless, the interior is more “no sense of delicacy” to speak of, the sense of drop into the car will “arise naturally”.Therefore, pragmatic consumers will lock their eyes on “independent new high-end” brands.Because choosing them means that for 100,000 yuan you can get the same quality as a joint venture car, but more importantly, with a wider range of features and better power options.In the choice of independent new high-end brands, Qirui Starway LX by virtue of its good appearance design, comparable to the joint venture medium and large SUV space, excellent driving control becomes the most competitive models, and today we will see its strength together.Led by former BMW designer Kevin Rice, who is now chery’s global chief design director, the starway LX has a more forward-looking design than the TX, but family-style design elements can still be found, such as the slender, open-eye headlights and a perforated decorative stripe with the letters “EXEED”.Star road LX all system standard LED headlights, star matrix lamp set is composed of 4 light sources, crystal clear inside makes people feel “attack” full, with water dynamic turn lights to create a good light luxury atmosphere.Lighting configuration, automatic headlights, automatic near and far light switch, delay off, etc., can be found on the configuration table.The side of the body is very smooth, and the roof with a small back, the upturned waist line and the big wheels are all popular elements today, showing the young, dynamic side well.The rear part of the car also uses a lot of horizontal and vertical design elements, the upper, middle and lower horizontal lines outline the sense of hierarchy is quite simple and powerful.The blackened through taillights echo the daytime running lights on the front of the car, while the highlighted red line highlights the publicity attribute of young sports.The interior of Starway LX also has a sense of design. The suspended cross-type large screen composed of two 12.3-inch screens has full visual impact. In addition to powerful functions, the display effect is also very amazing, and the scientific and technological atmosphere has been upgraded to several levels with the full sense of technology UI interface.In addition, there are touch air conditioning control panels, touch gesture controls and pulsating atmosphere lights, which are full of technology elements that are popular with young people today.In addition to the sense of science and technology, the interior luxury of the vehicle is also excellent. The circular cabin is well arranged and a large number of high-end leather packages are used. The seams are even and close, and the details are also very classy.And imitation wood grain decoration, piano paint panel and refrigeration handrail box is to luxury brand models, which in the same level of competition for horizontal comparison, are visible advantages.LCD dashboard screen displays fine, according to the driving mode will automatically change the theme, the screen can even switch freely with the central control screen.In addition, it is worth mentioning that Starway LX is equipped with Lion 3.0 Smart cloud system. In addition to the conventional voice control function, it can also realize AR enhanced real-scene navigation, photo shooting and sharing and other functions, which can greatly improve the fun of driving.The driving way LX carry 1.6 TGDI turbocharged engine, match the seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, thanks to condense chery tens of years of experience in building cars, the power system also gives good enough data, its Zui power is 145 kw, 290 cattle, peak torque, can easily cope with various complex road conditions in daily life.In the normal test drive, the starway LX throttle front segment response is sensitive enough, the vehicle start is not abrupt, whether the steering wheel or the body of the tail response is light enough.The 7-speed dual clutch gearbox is well tuned, the ride is very satisfactory in normal driving mode, and the power connection is smooth when decelerating and then accelerating.The gearbox is active in shifting up. If the speed exceeds 65km/h, it will be put into 7 gear. When cruising, the engine speed will be pressed very low, so as to ensure a low level of fuel consumption.The manual mode of star way LX can only be achieved through the shift plate behind the steering wheel, and the D block under the console can be removed from the manual mode again, and it is still very convenient and fast to use.After switching to the sport mode, the engine will keep cruising at around 2000 turns, and the shift time will be pushed to close to 3000 turns. The connection of the lifting gear will be more obvious, and the sense of movement will be stronger.As for the energy-saving mode and ordinary mode is not much different, is still smooth.In addition to its impressive handling, the Starway LX has the most impressive ride, and tranquility is the most representative test item.It is reported that star way in the body structure, vehicle noise reduction, air tightness and high quality sound has been greatly optimized, and in the actual experience of star way LX engine noise, wind noise and tire noise are suppressed very well, fully worthy of the price and positioning.To be honest in the field of competitive sport utility vehicle, 10 w s can have a bunch of independent SUV models to choose, but too much choice often let consumers have too many concerns, should not only consider “face” also need to balance their own driving experience, the ride comfort of family, and celebrity LX Zui definitely fit, however, first of all, it belongs to chery’s high-end brand,Must have technical endorsement, is now independent of high-end car brands, high brand recognition degree, followed by its good appearance design, as a joint venture of large suvs space, rich configuration, good control, excellent dynamic and so on with good properties, in short in 10 w level models, rising way LX is really “sweet”.The event will run from March 15, 2022 to March 17, 2022